Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Features and a fabric giveaway!

Just a few more days to enter into the CSN giveaway here!  {You get an entry for following Top 20!}

And...because we reached 100 followers I thought I would do a giveaway here too. 

I bought this fabric a while ago at a thrift store.  30 cents.  30 cents people!!!  It's beautiful.  The colors are amazing. {This picture does NOT do it justice!} And vintage.  In great shape. 

It's by Thomas Strahan.  A Handprint.  I looked online for some info.  All I could find was that they used to make wallpaper way back in the day.  {Was old wallpaper fabric?  I don't know.}  Honestly I haven't measured it.  It's right around a yard and a half.  Do you ever have a fabric that your scared to cut?  That's me and this.  So it's sat unused because I can't decide about what the perfect project is for it.  So it's up for grabs.  I ask that if you are planning on just selling this fabric that you don't enter.  Please.  I really want someone to create something beautiful.  I don't know what if anything that it is worth but I just ask that...you keep it in the family! :) And hopefully you will send me a picture of what you make with it!!

How to Enter:
1. Follow - leave me some love

Want a few extra entries?
1. Leave a comment for Josh about his art work (waaay down there at the bottom!)
2. Post/FB/tweet about Gabe's Gifts {here}{one for each}
3. Post/FB/tweet about this giveaway {one for each}
4. Go check out my friend's Etsy shop - Thread This Fabric - heart it and come back and tell me your favorite!  {Because I can't decide for myself what to get!}

I'll choose someone next Tuesday! Well random.org will. Good luck!

Alright.  Features.  Here we go!!

Sew This:
Yes, Obsessively Stitching has done it again.  Check out this tent!! Awesome right!? Did I mention that it cost her less than $10?  Yea.  I thought you said it was cool.  :)
Amy from Ameroonie Designs always makes awesome pillows.  And Valentine’s Day is no exception!
This is a must have for any new mom!  Vibrant Designs made it! So compact!  And pretty.  A good thing must always be pretty.  Being functional is also a plus. :)
I really want to make this garland in Valentine’s Day colors and string it around!  Isn’t it cool? {Increasingly Domestic rocks by the way!}
I saw this and I said…”ohmygosh” just like that too.  I’ve been eyeing the cardigans over at Gymboree for a while now.  I love them.  And this.  This looks just like it. Leafy Treetop Designs did an AWESOME job!!!  Andy said I was lowering Joshua’s cool status by putting him in a cardigan.  But uhhh they’re hip.  Right?!?  {I’ll just keep the fact that I really wanted to get him a pair of the black thick frame geeky glasses to wear with it.  Well, he doesn’t wear glasses so I’d have to take just the frames. But yea.  I’ll keep that to myself.}

Craft this:
The Stories of A – Z is such an inspirational blog!  This lamp shade is amazing.  If I find some fabric like that I’ll pick it up and be on my way! :)
Do you want more garland?  Noodlehead has some!  I love that you could do this with your kids!
We need one of these in our house.  A Clean/Dirty Dishwasher sign.  I can’t tell you how many times I answer that question.  Uh.  Well open it and look at it!!!!  That’s what I feel like shouting every time.  Anyone else have people in their house who have a hard time looking?  Looking for anything.  Where is my DS?  Where are my shoes?  Have you seen my wallet?  And 95% of the time.  They’re right there.  Ok.  I’m ranting and raving. {Recovering Craft Hoarder}
Alright.  We all know Kojo.  We all love them.  And so I’m sure EVERYONE and their mom has seen this.  But – we all know about my compulsive list making {did you notice that my blog…it’s a list.} She made her list into art!  Waaaaay cool.  And totally up my alley!!!
Tattered and Inked made this cute sign.  And I love the story behind it. And you know I'm a sucker for the fork!  And I really love how her “mistake” looks! Wish my mistakes came out that good! :)

Print This
This is Gabe's Gifts tag.  Print it from here {click on it} and attach it to your blanket.  I really want to thank Agape Love Designs for making this for me!  Her site has TONS of cool stuff for you to find!

Peptogirl Valentines
Um.  Can you say cute?  Print them from Style Crush.

This was found over at Pinterest from Halleujah's by Holly.

At Second Street has this love banner and a be mine banner for you to print off!

Loooove it! Eighteen 25 has 2 colors to chose from! 

Eat This
twice baked sausage bite
A Southern Fairy Tale shares the recipe for her Sausage Filled Twice Baked Potatoes.  My boys would love it.

And because it deserves another picture...

Alright.  Well, since I'm on my diet let me assure you that I will not be making these.  But I will say I'm intrigued.  I don't think I will ever look at an oreo ... or a chocolate chip cookie quite the same way again.  Well.  Maybe I can have one of these giant cookies from Picky Palate...if I don't eat for a week afterwards.  Cookie?  Starving?  It maybe worth it.

Red Couch Recipes has this yummy looking Aztec Chicken on their blog.  The best part?  You can make it ahead of time!

I just saw this over at Sprinkle Bakes.  And I'm bummed I didn't see it before.  Kind of out of season.  But it's def. in my save file!! Guess what they are...Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies with Maple Marshmallow Cream.  You know it's good if the food name has more than 5 words in it.  And this one has 7!
Once the kids get a little older finding cool valentines are harder to do.  But I bet even teens would like to give these to a few a friends! Making Memories with your Kids shows you how to do them!

And last but most def. not least.  Check out what I pulled out of Joshua's backpack this morning (as I was doing the mad dash to get to the bus stop before realizing...it's a snow day.  DUH)
He painted it!  It's on a little ceramic slab.  I love the trees in the background.  And he mixed colors for the scarf.  I just love it.  I'm floored!  {Josh has Autism and with that he struggles with fine motor things.  So art is not really his favorite thing to do.  But he's good!  I think this is one of maybe 6 things he's brought home since kindergarten?  So I always get excited!  And if you don't mind I'm sure he would love some comments on his art!}  I'm just bummed I got this after Christmas and thank you cards went out.  I would love to have turned it into a postcard!  Always next year!


  1. thanks Amanda. I was just here yesterday, how fun to be highlighted today. I can't wait to check everyone else out. I saw lots a of great ideas.

  2. I LOVE Josh's picture. That's the kind of art I'd want to hang year round!

  3. I actually do follow your blog. It's so fun to see what people are up to. Thanks for featuring my project!

  4. Thanks for the feature :) and the visit! I love meeting new people and finding new blogs...I'll be back to look 'roung your site when I have more time! hehe


  5. Thanks for the feature. You always have such great lists, I'm pleased to be a part of it.

  6. Josh, that is the coolest picture! I love everything about it! Can't wait to see more of your creations!

  7. I am a follower. Great stuff today!

  8. I would have left a comment on Josh's artwork anyway because, it is awesome! That would make a cute card or a calendar page.

  9. What a great collection of inspiring things! I'm honored to be among them!. Congrats on your followers :)!

  10. Thanks Amanda! So appreciate you featuring our Rockin' ipods =o) Thanks!!!

  11. What a bunch of fun stuff that you have found on blogland. Josh's art is so wonderful. Something needs to be made of it. Thanks for the feature. Joni

  12. I'm almost certain that is the same as the wallpaper in my grandma's bathroom. Maybe they made a line of matching fabric so you could have matching pillow and curtains to match your room. My grandma is mathcy matchy like that.

  13. Thanks Amanda! You rock too;)
    I am working on a Valentine version right now actually, so that will be posted soon. I cut all the circles while watching tv at night with the hubs, so tonight during Biggest Loser that is what I will be doing.

  14. Thanks so much for the feature! I'm excited to have found your blog... I always love finding new people :) The artwork that Josh did is incredible. Definitely a treature!

  15. I love Josh's picture!! I have a snowman drawing that my daughter did years and years ago - every year I put it up with the other decorations. I love it! :)

  16. awww, thanks for the feature! LOVE The other stuff you found. :)
    and love the fabric- too fun. :)

  17. Im a follower- I really love your blogs!!!

  18. The picture Josh made is AMAZING!! I love it!! It would be super cute as a Christmas Card too! He is VERY talented!

  19. Follower!! Love all of these! I'll be on here for a while longer checking out all the fun stuff!

  20. You do it again! I love love love this list. Thanks for putting it together for us to drool over =) Debbie @ Inspired Honey Bee

  21. You find the best stuff! Thanks for sharing the inspiration I found on Pinterest! Lights a little fire under my buns!

    Thanks again, you're the coolest!

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    That fabric is fantastic...I love it and I'm already creating either pillows or recovering my sewing chair with it.

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