Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Tuesday


This Winchester shirt from Katri is way cute.  And totally do-able.  Plus it's green.  And I love green.

Oh Lemon Squeezy.  I can't believe I've never met you before!?  Oh golly.  I would have totally done your sewing through the decades -- I'm particularly obsessed with Mad Men fashion.  Totally 60's right now.  And this Lunch money cuff is **genius**.

The Pottery Barn Advent Calendar was one of my faves.  And 2nd Time Furniture is amazing.  Want it?  You better be quick tomorrow is Dec. 1st!!!

I love the holiday onesies over at Made by Me Shared With You.  So pretty.


Monogrammed Soap dispensers aren't new but sooo useful.  The Idea Room has a tutorial.  Perfect for teachers! Or anyone really.  Who doesn't wash their hands?  {Shame on you}

Judy made this AWESOME (did you notice the all caps?) peace wreath?  Perfect for anyone.  But all I thought about was the PB Teen catalog with that peace quilt. SWOON.

Short story.  I'm not a fan of the country.  Andy Loves it.  We lived in the country.  I hated it.  It was pretty but not for me.  Now we live "in the city" which means near Target.  And I love it.  Andy not so much.  I wonder if this barn door from Brown Paper Packages would make up for it? :)

Did you see this in your Pottery Barn catalog?  I did.  I tore it out.  I bought stuff to recreate it.  And hopefully it looks as good as Frugal with a Flourish's!! Isn't it awesome!

All Thingz Related posted this tutorial for a Glittery Christmas Candle Jar.  Perfect for neighbors, teachers, sister in laws who you don't know what to make for..

Merry Christmas to all.  Awesome.  And Maria from Agape Love Design is awesome.  And you are awesome.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.  I'm obsessed.  I want this.  And I want it on ... a plate.  A canvas.  The wall. Somehow. Someway. I want this. Thanks Kayla!

I need these leftover labels year round.  Thanks Chica and Jo!!

Simplemom.net (she wrote the book above) has lots of free printables to help you get organized.  Grocery lists to Christmas budgets to New Year's reflections.

Ok. So I know that this technically is for Thanksgiving. BUT you could easily change it for any holiday or celebration.  Of course this is from Thrive.  She's so darn amazing. 

Tidy Mom made this caramel apple gingerbread cake.  No other words needed. Yum.

Martha made these awesome looking Candy Cane Marshmallows.

My grandma loves peppermint bark.  I've bought  (the shame I know) her some every year.  But this is the year that I make a 7 layer peppermint bark.  Doesn't it look fabulous?   It is from Christopher and Tia

Want some gingerbread cookies?  Yea I thought so!  Go check out the recipe at Relatively Reagan.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday Monday!

I'm back.  A little late - sorry.  How was your Thanksgiving?  And Black Friday.   What did you do?  I honestly didn't go out...I know CRAZY!  {Since my step dad was going to be at Wal Mart anyways I had him look for a few things for me but they were sold out - go figure}.  But honestly -- I'm most excited about Goodwill's half off sale on Friday. 

Can you say GEEEk.  :) But I am.

Anywho Christmas is in full swing Hooray! :) I'm loving it!


Jump on over to I am Momma - Hear Me Roar for this tutorial by Kalleen from At 2nd Street to find out how to make this a-freaking-dorable cardigan from a T-Shirt. 

I love all things hot chocolate.  And I'm loving this hot chocolate shirt that Sew Totally Smitten made her daughter.
Joshua always has holes in his jeans.  I have a whole stack I need to patch up.  Although I think I need to do a star or lightening bolt or pirate skull instead of a heart.  I think I would lose my cool mom status with a heart. lol.  Check out Mending made fun over at Diary of a Quilter

I think hats are cool.  I do.  I look totally geeky in them.  And I am not fond of them on me.  But on other people - esp people under 10 - very cool.  And From An Igloo has a cool pattern you have to check out!

Dittle dattle is a new blog for me (I think number 405? Maybe?) She earned herself a spot on my list with these way cool pillows.  I saw them somewhere...and they are on my recreate list.  She did such an awesome job!!


Alright.  I'm totally envious of anyone who makes these.  Because I don't even know the first thing that comes to tools.  Not at all.  But go get the pattern for those too cute reindeer.  And power tool on woman! P.S. This is from Under My Umbrella  and she posts tons of patterns!

House of Giggles made this mitten advent that I just adore.  It just looks so pretty.

Madigan Made a really cool Ipod case from an old picture frame.  Genius!

Screen Printing 101 from Lil Blue Boo.  Plus she has a totally cool contest going on right now.  I'm working on my entry.  As.We.Speak. :)

Lemon Sugar Scrub.  Sounds yummy huh?  Make it as a gift.  Or for yourself.  Brandy from Gluesticks made these and I think they are great!


Here is some Christmas subway art from A little lovely.
Therapeutic Crafting has this really cool Santa Stamp on her blog.  I wish I could have a giant one...painted {and distressed of course}.  But I'm not that talented so print it off I will!

Brown Paper Packages has put together a Christmas Binder.  Tis the season to be organized...or get your booty kicked.

Crafts & Such now has Christmas Lunch Box Notes! Oh how I love these...keep them coming!!!

Wise Men Seek Him is just one of Craftily Ever After's Christmas printables.  She is fabulous for making these for the seasons!


Soo my son is pretty picky.  He just recently tried ice cream.  And he loved it.  Duh.  But it has to be vanilla.  Not French Vanilla.  Just vanilla.  Plain.  And so we are totally making these snowman sundaes.  I saw them over at Poca Cosas.
Spice mixes make awesome Christmas gifts.  And easy to mass produce!! Lolly Chops has a chilli spice mix that I think I will be trying for sure.

As I said -- I'm a freak for hot chocolate.  And these homemade chocolate dipped marshmallows (with crushed candy canes on top...) are looking fabulous! 

How good does this Turkey Wild Rice soup look?  Yea... I love leftovers.  Head to Sunday Baker for the recipe!

Chocolate Candy Cane by Ready Set Create looks delish.  Yea this will be added to my December holiday cooking list which by the way is now growing as rapidly as my to do list.  Fabulous.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

So I will spare you all my cleaning story.  If you really want to read it go check out my other blog.

Obviously no features today.  We will be back on Saturday with a new blogger of the week.

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and full Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Features

Here they are:
This fabric Frisbee would be a great stocking stuffer for any child - boy or girl.  And a perfect game to play while couped up inside this winter.  Head over to Tea Rose Home for the tutorial.
How cute is this skirted jacket.  And it's purple.  I would wear it.  Fleeting thing has the tutorial on her blog. 

I'm loving everything I am Momma ... Hear Me Roar but esp. these upcycled hats.  Josh has a whole closet of clothes just waiting to be cut up.  {Ok maybe I'll go get some clothes specifically to cut up instead of tearing into his everyday school stuff...}

Want to make a fitted crib sheet?  Mychel over at Trendy Accentz will show you how!

Head to Martha to grab a stocking template and learn how to make stockings out of scarves. 

I would love to make a package of these for Santa to put into the stocking.  How cute are The Long thread's Elf skittles?

Do you want to build a green house?  How about an easy green house?  How about an easy green house for less than $25?  Head to instructables!
Are you delivering handmade goodies this year?  How about making one of the doily bowls from Buggie and Jellybean?  They are all the supers - Super cute, Super easy, Super Cheap and Super fun.

I heart recycling!  Make this ribbon holder out of an old oatmeal canister over at Curbly.
Aren't these balls pretty?  Totally Lauren Amber made them.  Imagine the color possibilities!  I'm thinking Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, Easter, 4th of July...Yup every day get's a ball! :)


Blue Cricket Design made these Christmas envelope Advent calendar.  And each one has a special Christmas to do on them.  And she was nice enough to share her printables for you on her blog! 

Kelly at Purple Lemon Design is sharing her baby sitter notes with everyone!  Now you can feel a little better about hiring some help while you shop, have a date with hubby, run to Hobby Lobby.
You want Christmas printables?  I've got them.  Well actually Crafty Carnival has them.  Find letters to Santa, Home Baked Cookies and Reindeer Food printables.  And the graphics are super cute!

Your kiddos need a quick Thanksgiving shirt?  Head to In Between Laundry for the Butterball and Sweetie Pie shirts!

THESE are going in my house this Christmas.  {I'm doing a candy theme for those of you who don't know}  Yea, I'm pretty much obsessed with Flamingo Toes. {When I saw these yesternight - Josh's word - I told my hubby I loved Flamingo Toes and he just looked at me all weird.  Even when I explained that it was a blog he just kind of said okk honey"


Ok you  have to go to Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and read her Charlie Brown Thanksgiving as told by cupcake story.  I loved it.  And I can't decide which character is my fave.  Although I am loving Linus. 

Maple glazed cinnamon rolls just sound yummy.  Pennies on the Platter has the recipe.
You know what other mapley syrup yumminess I found?  Pumpkin cookies with maple frosting.  Mmmm. Yea.  I thought so.  The Farm Girl has all kinds of goodness over there.

This picture stopped me dead in my tracks.  It's from Red Couch Recipes. Applesauce Pear Cake Draped in Caramel. Oh yeah. But does it really matter what it is?  I could tell you anything and you would say to yourself wow that looks good. 
Everyone say hello to JeNae.  She's a self proclaimed carb-a-holic.  Don't worry JeNae.  Me too.  And this picture totally made me relapse and forget my 12 steps.  Head over to the Terrace Housewife say hello and grab her recipe!

{And I guess, no it's really not your pictures fault.  I said I would give up carbs til Thanksgiving -3 days ago I said this and failed each day - but today I woke up and said I meant it. I need to off set some of what I eat on Thursday.  Well I totally grabbed a brownie and diet coke for breakfast.  Not exactly the egg whites I had in mind... But who seriously puts themselves on a diet during the holidays.  Apparently not me.}