Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blogger of the Month April

It's April 30th and that can only mean one thing.  It's time for our blogger of the month party!!!

You can link up 1 project that you made in the month of April.  Today is the ONLY day you can link up!!! Then our judges will select the top 10.

And on Monday voting will be out --- come back and vote on who you think has the best project! 

Winner will recieve a sponsor ad on Today's Top 20 for the following month


My Vinyl Designer will send you their stick people collection!  Make awesome projects such as

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Can't wait to see your projects!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Features of a different sort

Features of a different sort today....

So some people are laughing at me.  But I really want a hat.  Really want a hat.  We're pretty boring -- I'd probably end up wearing it to the grocery store. 

But I would.  I would wear it down the cereal aisle with pride.  While matching up my coupons.

Because that is royal.

Royal Wedding Arrivals
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie
I got the photo here
Now I admit that some hats might seem more extreme.  But I will say -- I like the blue color.  And I like her coat. 
Princess Osborne
Picture from here
I'm kind of a freak for feathers right now.  I think that this one would do well down the Kroger aisles.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex
Picture from here
Love it.  Love it. 

Lady Frederick of Windsor
Picture from here
This one is slightly more "cruise ship" than Royal Wedding in my opinion. But Lady Frederick pulled it off nicely.  She makes it look classy.

Princess Marie-Chantal's hat
Photo from here
I think this hat is great.  The color is gorgeous. I love the flowers.  It looks very British.

Kate is a hat lover too.
I got the photo here
Andy said it looked like one of those old satellite dishes, but I like it :)

I got the photo here
One of my favorites.  So pretty.  So classic. 

I got the photo here
Really?  I'd smile too.  Told you - I'm a sucker for feathers.

So million dollar question.  If I was in line at the grocery store and you saw me wearing one of these hats would you laugh? 

I loved the wedding.  I loved the dress.  I actually just love Kate's (or are we supposed to call her Catherine now?) style.  I hope she brings back the classic styles.  The clean lines.  So classy.  I need a long coat, pearls and a hat. 

Tomorrow is the Blogger of the Month Link Party.  Come link up your best project that you made in April.  Prize will be donated by the fabulous ladies of My Vinyl Designer !!  Right now they are offering 25% off every order until the end of April!  HOW AWESOME!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday's Features

** The rain here in Indiana has been coming down like crazy.  Thankfully, we seem to have gotten off pretty lucky with just power outages and some flooding.  My heart is breaking for the south and all of the devestation.  Just know our prayers are with each of you living down there - if there is anything that you can think of that you need don't hesitate to contact me! **
Sew This.
Yo Peace Hoodie
If you follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t shame on you!  Click here!) then you know that Josh came home the other day and said “Yo, we got a situation here.”  I think my heart stopped for a moment.  Who has been letting my child watch Jersey Shore?!? Found out he saw it on Mad TV (who has been letting my child watch Mad TV???) at Grandma’s house.  Because Grandma lets him watch cartoon network.  (For the record…I am NOT a fan of Cartoon Network…)
But Anyways….long story short when I saw this YO Peace hoodie.  I knew it was meant for us.  Go check out All The Small Things for the tutorial!
Just Sew Sassy made this super cute shirt.  I think this is going to be one I wear a lot!
The Mother Huddle (love) made an adorable fat quarter pillow case dress.
Fun on a dime made a cute little pirate shirt.
 Tutorial Button
Oh gosh.  She Wears Flowers has THE cutest little dress ever.  Ruffles!

Craft This.
I love Eighteen25’s bribe jar.  A quick, easy and inexpensive gift.
We are obsessed with Angry Birds around here.  Isn’t it funny that such a silly little game can hook you in like that?  Anywho..My Name is Momma has a cute Angry Bird hair bow.
This made me laugh. Seriously, I had it saved as hee hee. It's not the Easter Beagle, but the Easter Chihuahua :) {Cozy Home Scenes}
How clever is California Callahans?  I love the fingerprint art!!
Home Frosting made this pretty dream sign. 
Print This.
Maybe it’s because I blog but I think these little blogging cupcakes are the cutest!  The TomKat Studio ALWAYS has the cutest stuff!
 I’ll need to print off this little teacher thank you card from It is what it is
Summer time print.  Gosh I’m so ready! {Making Mess: One Project at a Time}
Kiki Creates made this I can do hard things print.  I love that.  Sometimes we all need a little encouragement!
Missie Krissie has another AWESOME print. 
Eat This.
Dear Josh’s man teacher,
You will be getting one of these mini cinnamon roll boquets.  Because generally, men aren’t big flower fans.  But I’m pretty sure your going to like this boquet.  {From Glitter to Gumdrops}
Um.  Do I need to even say anything about these S’more cake in a jar?  I really want to make this.  But I know that I really shouldn’t.  {How Sweet it Is}
Andy love’s eclaire cake.  But I’ve never made it before.   I’ll be trying out this recipe from Rae Gun Ramblings.
How pretty are these white chocolate raspberry cupcakes from Holiday Snobs?
maple bacon
Have you ever put bacon on cupcakes?  I haven’t either.  But I’ve heard it’s good.  Maybe I’ll try Mama Bird's Nest recipe for maple bacon cupcakes.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog Updates

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We sure did!  Just a few quick things - and then I will get the top 20 post up!
{I wanted a picture next to the flowers - he was mad because the grass was wet.}

First - Have you heard of BlogFrog?  It's an awesome site that allows everyone to connect in communities.  Think facebook ... but in groups.  I started a group called Do It Yourself.  I'd love for you to join!  There is an open forum - start discussions, meet other people, share ideas!  I'd love to start monthly "creative meetings" (a.k.a. live chats) once we get enough members! {Click here or over on the left to join - and of course, it's free!}

Second - I'm trying to organize the top 20 into categories so it makes it easy to find ideas - if you have any suggestions - let me know!

Third - Blogger of the month party is coming up!  My Vinyl Designer is donating yet another awesome prize!  You should really go check them out because - well - they rock.
My Vinyl Designer Modern Art for the Home


Fourth - I'm really trying to evaluate myself as a blogger.  And make sure that as my blog(s) grow that I am keeping them going in the direction that I'd like.  I started blogging so that I could inspire, be inspired and make friends who understood my excitement over things like burlap, printable fabric (ok, just fabric in general) and decorating for such holidays like Talk Like A Pirate Day (oh yes, it's a biggie in our house). 
With that said -- please join me on Twitter, email me, join the Do It Yourself Community, if you live in the Indianapolis area let's do lunch.  We don't need a blog conference to all get together! :) {Although -- I can't wait to go to one!}

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blanket Party

Gabe's Gifts
Hey guys!  It's the end of the month - which means blanket party time!   Don't forget each Monday you can see a special blanket tutorial at Today's Top 20, We're the Joneses, and This & That Creative

For anyone new - I've started a blanket drive this year to raise blankets for Project Linus.  Why?  To donate blankets in my son Gabe's name.  I lost our baby in August due to a miscarriage.  I really wanted something positive to be associated with his name.  And giving back is the best way to do that.

Project Linus is such a great organization.  They donate handmade blankets to kids (newborn - teens) who need them the most.  I'm really happy to be working with them.

I am so happy to say that I have recieved over 50 blankets for Project Linus.  WOW!  Thank you so much!!!  I really am just so greatful.  :)  Thank you thank you thank you.

  So link up any blanket project you've got.  Mail me your blankets to get donated.  Email if you are interested in guest posting a blanket tutorial (it will be seen at Today's Top 20, We're The Joneses and This & That Creative). 

Can't wait to see your projects!!

And don't forget the 31st is the Blogger of the Month Party at Today's Top 20.  Come link up your fave. project you've made in March for a chance to win a great prize from My Vinyl Designer as well as a month's of advertising at Today's Top 20!

Please go check out all of the awesome things that My Vinyl Designer has to offer!!  Right now they are offering 25% off every order until the end of April!  HOW AWESOME!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Flower Rag Quilt Blanket

I am so excited to be here today! I am the author of A Vision to Remember. I also have my own etsy shop, where I sell many of my creations. I am a stay at home mom of 2 awesome girls and one dog. They are my inspiration for sure. Everything that I have made has been for them in some way.

Here are a couple of things that I have made over at my blog:

I love making rag quilts. I sell many in my etsy shop, but this pattern is available for download on my blog here.

This was a fun pleated headband that I made for myself (one of the few times that I craft for myself, if you know what I mean :)

I also made this fun Ribbon skirt for my daughter (Part 1, Part 2)

I also have many other tutorials on my blog. Make sure to stop by and check them out.

I also have my own Etsy shop. There I sell rag quilts, car seat tents, and lots of patterns. Some of the patterns I sell are rag quilts, belly band, and fabric flowers.

Thanks again for swapping blogs with me and make sure to stop by tomorrow and link up to Check ME Out Saturday Link Party Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday's Features

* Updates:
Friday - Since there was no blanket tutorial up on Monday it will be up on Friday!  I know your going to like it! :) I'm still looking for blanket tutorials to feature!  If you have one get a hold of me! amandablogs (at) yahoo 
Also, if you have a blog and would like to help me get the word out about Gabe's Gift -- I would heart you.  A lot. 

If you have not read the story behind the blanket drive please do so here!

Monday - Blanket Party Make sure to link up one of your blankets!

Saturday the 30th - Blogger of the month party -- pick out your favorite project you made in April!

Sew This.
Peanut to Princess has a cute boutique style tank.
I think this stethoscope cover is a great gift idea for dr. and nurses in your life! {Taylor Made}
Small Fry and Co.  made a bottle/sippy cup holder.  The perfect solution to never finding an old cup that rolled under the seat.  {Please say I’m not the only person that has found one of those…}
UCreate introduced me to this new blog called Elle Apparel.  LOVE.  How adorable is this cardigan?

Spending Less Living More made a way cute Tutu Easter basket.
Craft This.
I am just smitten by this Rapunzel Hair.  Smitten.  {Grey Luster Girl}
I wasn’t sure dirt could look this cute.  Such a funny gift.   {Brown Paper Packages}
Kindred Spirits Creations made these ‘hop’ letters.  Which I think is adorable.  Filing away for next year.
Kim’s Kandy Kreations has a great looking jellybean wreath.
Print This.
Simple as That has a spring photo checklist.  I think I’m going to try to hit them all!
Need a letter from the Big Bunny himself?  Head to The Mozzie's Way of Life to print one!
I need this cleaning schedule print! {Kamley Lane}
I love this Psalm 100 print from Taidye Original.
custom crayon box template
Chica and Jo always have the CUTEST things.  How adorable is this crayon box invitation?
Eat This.
Um.  Can you say cute!? Sun Scholars has sweet Easter Kabobs!  I love the idea of hiding them outside with the eggs!
Oreownies?  I’m in.  {Mom's of all trades}
Scissors and spatulas shows you how to make jellybean bark.  It just looks festive!
Culinary Flavors has a recipe for maple mustard grilled chicken.  I may have to try this one!
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
It's a Keeper just combined Josh’s favorite 2 breakfast things – cinnamon rolls and pancakes.  DELISH!!!

Please go check out all of the awesome things that My Vinyl Designer has to offer!!  Right now they are offering 25% off every order until the end of April!  HOW AWESOME!

My Vinyl Designer Modern Art for the Home