Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Features

Sew This.
We play games non-stop at our house!  This is a perfect thing to make for our family – or as a quick gift!  Creating My Way To Success made Battleship folders.  Genius!
Aren’t these envelopes adorable?  {Make}  They are actually needle holders! 
Me Sew Crazy has done it again with her fabulous clothing!  This embroidered tunic is something I would totally wear!
I need a grocery bag dispenser.  I collect the bags and promise that I’m going to take them with me the next time I go to the store so they can be recycled.  And then I forget.  Writing on my to do list right now. {Gen X Quilters}
Cluck Cluck Sew made these beautiful pillows!
Craft This.
Isn’t this Easter centerpiece adorable?? {Bliss Images and Beyond}
The Cottage Home made this so pretty so easy Burlap no sew lamp shade.
I love this felt tiara from The Moody Fashionista.
You don’t get much more spring than gardening!  And Our Seven Dwarfs ‘ seed packet art is perfect!
I just love this Easter silhouette from Mamie Jane's blog.
Print This.
Our Daily Obsessions is a great blog - and I love this life is to be enjoyed print. 
Creative Mamma has some handmade labels that you can personalize with your blog or shop name!

See that banner in the background?  Get it at Sandy Toes and Popsicles!

Get your yard sale advertising prints from Notes from a very red kitchen.  Ahhh yard sales.  I love this season!!

Love you to puzzle pieces Autism print.  So this one is from me.  :) You can either save it here or go here and I will email you a PDF.

Eat This.
Gluesticks made cinnabun-nies {hehehe} Actually the recipe is called 90 minute Bunny Rolls.  I was just trying to be funny.

Gosh am I just showing off today or what?  On We Are the Joneses {my other blog!} I posted the recipe for these Blender Rolls.  I love them.  So easy - quick (really only about 5 minutes of actually doing anything!) and SO good.  Did I mention - no kneading so no messy flour counters to clean! 
That night we used them as hamburger buns...tell me that this doesn't look delish!

I love lettuce wraps.  SOOO good.  I made them all the time last year because we had yummy lettuce growing in our garden. Our best bites has a recipe that I can't wait to try out!
whopper cake

Holy...{fill in whatever word you would like}.  I'll chose Holy cow.  THIS will become Andy's Birthday cake.  Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.

And I'll take this Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cake Cheesecake from Sprinkle Bakes.  And we will live happily (and fat) ever after. :)


  1. Thanks so much for the feature! :-)

    ~ Erika @ Bliss Images and Beyond

  2. More great picks, Amanda! Thanks for all the links. :)

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my battleships folders!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. What amazing creations! Can't wait to check them all out! Thanks!

  5. Yum! That Hot Fudge Whopper cakes looks so good.