Monday, April 4, 2011

Winners - Blanket Party and Blogger of the Month

Alright first of all blanket link up winner:

Link up #6 ---

Faux Chenille Blanket from A Girl and a Glue Gun {Love her blog by the way!!}

And...the moment you have all been waiting for....
Blogger of the Month goes to....

Jocelyn from Inside BruCrew Life for her Tag-along cupcakes
{the crowd goes wild}

Congrats!! And how appropriate is this...This is her birthday week!! I'm sure you all have been to her blog - she has so many to die for recipes!!
And in case you are a girl scout lover but not so big on the tag alongs (what's wrong with you!?!) she does have a recipe for....

There are just so many yummy things there...

See I told you...tons of awesome recipes!!
So head over and tell her hi, happy birthday, congrats on winning!!

I'm so happy with all of the projects that were linked up -- you all did awesome! 


  1. WOO HOO! I am totally doing a happy dance right now:-) This is just one more thing to make my birthday week even better!!! Thank you so much!!!! You are awesome!

  2. oh! thanks! that is soooo nice! can I do the happy dance with jocelyn?

  3. Yay Jocelyn! Congratulations- I'm going to have to head over and check out those great recipes- may not be good for my diet. ;)

  4. I'm like drooling... YUMMY!!! And congrats :)