Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Story of the Day my kid became a Model...w/ pictures of course!

While I type up the Top 20...
I took Josh to the park the other day to get his pictures taken.  I told him you have to pose nice {look at me, eyes open preferred, smile...} and he said...I'm going to pose like this.  And he pulled his sun glasses down.  I said ok. {While trying not to laugh...}
Hee Hee.  I love it.

He called this one "the thinker"
His "modeling shot"

Flinging his glasses...Gosh He's so cool at 7.  I can't imagine how cool he will be at 17. :)

And just some fun shots

And some fun shots...
So while we were leaving the park he says
Josh: I'm going to be famous
Me: Oh yeah.
Josh: Yea.  You owe me $5 for taking my pictures
Me: Whhhattt?
Josh: Famous people get paid more than that. 
Me: Yes they do but -
Josh: Ok.  $5 and a milkshake.  Because I'm just a little famous now.
Uh-oh.  I may not be able to afford to take pictures of him for much longer. :)