Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blanket Party w/ giveaway

Gabe's Gifts
Hey guys!  It's the end of the month - which means blanket party time!   Don't forget each Monday you can see a special blanket tutorial here at Today's Top 20, We're the Joneses, and This & That Creative

For anyone new - I've started a blanket drive this year to raise blankets for Project Linus.  Why?  To donate blankets in my son Gabe's name.  I lost our baby in August due to a miscarriage.  I really wanted something positive to be associated with his name.  And giving back is the best way to do that.

Project Linus is such a great organization.  They donate handmade blankets to kids (newborn - teens) who need them the most.  I'm really happy to be working with them.

I am so happy to say that I have recieved over 40 blankets for Project Linus.  WOW!  Thank you so much!!!  I really am just so greatful.  :)  Thank you thank you thank you.

The first round of blankets will be picked up this week.  It was spring break and my local chapter lady was out of town but I'll be sure to snap a picture! :)
There are 2 of the boxes over flowing...but ready to go!
I just love this blanket - so pretty.  Do you like the crochet edges?  Check next Monday for the tutorial! 
Thanks Heather!!

I had to unwrap the quilt!  All of those blankets were mailed together.  Thanks for the group effort ladies! :)

Lots of soft preemie blankets ....

Here is my little blanket.  I love the fabrics!  So happy!

Your turn!

  So link up any blanket project you've got.  Mail me your blankets to get donated.  Email if you are interested in guest posting a blanket tutorial (it will be seen at here Today's Top 20, We're The Joneses and This & That Creative). 

Can't wait to see your projects!!
I'll pick one project using random to send out a little package of my favorite crafty things so make sure I'm able to get your email address! :)

And don't forget the 31st is the Blogger of the Month Party at Today's Top 20.  Come link up your fave. project you've made in March for a chance to win a great prize from My Vinyl Designer as well as a month's of advertising at Today's Top 20!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's Features

Gosh.  It's been a busy morning already!  I had to drive Josh to school.  So I'd have time to snap a picture of him in his new shirt we made the other night.  And you know what?  No matter how fast of a camera I get - he still manages to close his eyes in the pictures!! :)
And I just noticed that he put on the grey jeans instead of the black ones.  That little booger.  He chose to put the blah blah blah inside the bubble.  Love it.  Well.  Like it.  I already have some plans to redo a shirt like this. 

I worked on a few custom orders this morning.  My cousins play baseball and their mom wanted towels for their bags.  {To wash off the balls/their hands/ whatever else they use them for} So I printed their logo onto printable fabric and dyed some flour sacks.  Those suckers were big (30X30) so I folded them into fourths to make them 30X7.  Long enough to tie to their bags, short enough to handle.  Just have to sew around the outside.


But here are today's features!  Craft on! :) And remember 2/28 is the blanket party.  Link up any blanket you've got!  AND 3/1 is the Feb. Blogger of the Month party.  Come back and link up your best project you made in Feb!  My Vinyl Designer is sponsoring it again!  Thanks gals! :) Their vinyl designs seriously rock -- go check them out!!

Sew This.
I’m a sucker for using tablecloths.  I love the changing pad The Polka Dot Umbrella did!
Have you seen Gnomeo and Juliet?  We haven’t … yet!  I think I need to make this shirt first! {Realynn}
AHH!  How freaking cute is this harmonica jacket from Sew A Straight Line?
Cook, Clean, Craft took the car mat to a whole new level!
See Kate Sew has a great belt tutorial!
Craft This.
rainy day preschool activities
I love homemade art supplies!  Chalk in my pocket has a great one for bathroom puffy paint.
I saw this family tree at Red Envelope and it’s been bookmarked for YEARS.  {I’m sure they don’t even make it anymore}.  I wanted one but didn’t want to pay $100 for a kit to have to do it myself anyways!  Craftify it did an AWESOME job!
Make the Best of Everything has a cool gift idea – a detective kit!
Me and My Thrifty Ideas show you how to make twine balls.
Isn’t this Jeep sandbox the coolest?  Great job Painted Fresh! !
Print This.
Me Sew Crazy has a great Peeps shirt print for you!
Madigan Made … a St. Patrick’s Day print!
Ok.  I know Valentine’s Day is over.  We’ve moved on.  There were tons of Valentine’s stuff I didn’t have time to show you.  But these are SO saved for next year. AWESOME Meck Mom!
There are so many things that you could use this made with love print for! {Toad's Treasures}
Eat This.
Marshmallow Pops, Cupcake Marshmallow Pops, Strawberry Marshmallows, Marshmallow Treats, Snacks, Party Favors
Don’t these marshmallows look yummy!? {The Seven Year Cottage}
I love tag Alongs.  I love them too much actually. BUT I will have to try Mine for the Making’s recipe for sure!
How about some chocolate covered cherry oreo cake?  And a gym membership! :) As always I am Baker has an awesome recipe!

King Arthur Flour has a great croissant recipe.  Gosh.  I can just smell them!

Bake at 350 has a poppy seed bread that looks great.  I've never had poppy seed bread before and I think now I must!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogging/Etsy Tax Tips

I know it is Monday and it's usually blanket day, but I thought that this was something you would all be interested in!  And if you already filed your taxes this year, keep records for next year!
If you make money blogging or on Etsy you have to (ok.  You really should) claim it on your taxes.  Congrats!  You are a business owner! :) There are lots of deductions you can write off.  I'm not an accountant, so you should talk these over with yours but here are some general things that can help you save some money.
1. Internet related expenses.  Without the internet - there would be no blog right?  Hosting fees, domain name registrations, internet access, blogging software, picture storing, linky party subscriptions are all things that fall into this category.  Don't forget selling fees - Etsy, pay pal, Ebay.  
2. Your equipment. You need a computer right?  Any upgrades (memory and so forth), software (including tax software, picture editing).  And don't forget those cameras, sewing machines, and silhouettes!!
3. Do you tweet from your cell phone?  You can use part of your cell bill as a write off.
4. Any new office furniture?  {My table from the trash would not count here lol}
5. Supplies/Stationary.  Supplies add up quickly.  Fabric, thread, needles, pins, rulers, cutting mats, pens, staples, paint brushes, Stamps.  Keep all of your receipts.  Your accountant can help you go through all of them.  I write notes on mine so I know exactly what project I bought each item for.  If it's something like Mod Podge I just write general.
6. Advertising, Promo and Design.  Do you advertise on other blogs.  Ask for a receipt or print off your pay pal receipt.  Advertising also include promos and giveaways! Did you have someone design your blog.  Print off a receipt! 
7. Travel and Entertainment.  Did you go to a blogging conference?  Conference fees, travel accommodations, and dining expenses can be written off. 
8. Office Space.  Do you blog from home?  Do you have an office?  You can deem that part of your home as your office and write off a small amount of your household bills for rent plus your utilities.
I know.  It's a lot!  Just remember to save your receipts!  Make small notes on them.  I put all of my receipts into a big folder and at the beginning of each new month I sort them and staple each category together.  I also try to keep Etsy/blog stuff away from my personal stuff when I check out somewhere.  For example I was buying tablecloths and towels for an order at Target but I also had milk and a movie.  Just have them ring it up as 2 transactions.  

I also keep a sales order book on my desk.  (You can get them anywhere).  Every time someone orders something or pays for advertising I write it down.  I keep all of the receipts in the book.  I also write how I got paid (pay pal, cash, check).  Keeping them in one place makes it easy to have them ready to go!    

Any tips you have for tax time?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sponsor Love ... Auntie Lolo Crafts

We have a new sponsor this month!  Auntie Lolo Crafts!  Have you seen this blog?  Gosh.  It's just full of way cute stuff. 

Adorable onesies

Cute tutorials

Knock off how to's -- Isn't this Ballard Bulletin Board cool?  {P.S.  She did it on the  ch-eap!}

And she finds awesome stuff!!! 

I love finding new blogs to follow and I'm really glad I found Aunti Lolo's!  Go check her out!

And while your checking her out don't forget to visit the ladies at My Vinyl Designer for all the latest in vinyl designs!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday ... About time! :)

Sew This.
This is def. on my to do list.  Library bags, teacher gifts, ME! :) {The Crafty CPA}
It’s a priceless life has a washcloth tutorial for any baby gifts!
Make it Love it shows you how to recover a car seat!  This is an AWESOME tutorial!
Savin some shows you how to save a cute pair of jeans and turn it into a skirt.
Daffy’s Dream has the pattern and tutorial for this adorable backpack.
Craft This.
These bird houses just scream spring.  I love them.  {The Speckled Dog}
How does She has this cool wood plank door mat. 
See Kate Sew made this fabulous book clutch.
How cool is this car lamp?  Josh would love it. {Bliss Boom}
One Charming party had these gumball necklaces up for Valentine’s Day.  I’m envisioning them in green and white for St. Patty’s Day.  Pastels for Easter.  Red, White, and Blue.  Gumballs ARE the new accessories. 
Print This. 
Family copy
Keen Inspirations has a family print for you!
How about Orange has just your thing for an Oscar Day party!
Oscars printable ballot
Need a ballot for the Oscars? Check out Moviefone!
Dr. Seuss' birthday is in a few weeks!  Print off a quote and gift it to a teacher.  Or just hang it in your house :) {Den10Studio}
Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat.  Otherwise known as the story of my life. :)  {Just another day in paradise}
Eat This.
Yumm.  French Apple Cobbler.  Sounds delish. {A little bit of everything}
Come and Peek has the recipe for these Butterfinger Cookies.
How adorable are these hamburger cupcakes?? I can’t wait for summer to make these! {Tattered Bliss
This strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting from Blackberry Vine looks Divine!!!!  This picture is making me crave some of these cookies.  I actually may go out and get the stuff.  Now.  Ok.  I’ll wait til after I post this.  But these cookies and cream cookies look SO good.   Cookies and Cups always has yummy treats!
Thanks to the lovely ladies at My Vinyl Designer for sponsoring our Blogger of the month giveaway.  Only 10 days left of Feb!  Better get crafting if you want to win! :)