Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's Features

Sorry I was gone yesterday.  My house was a live version of an I-Spy book.  I finally decided that we could use our extra bedroom as something.  So I was hauling all of my craft stuff out of the closets and putting it into the room.  And taking the stuff out of the room and putting it into the closets. 
But we're semi cleaned up now. :)
My aunt called me the other day to tell me she has a booth for a craft show in May.  Would I want to come too.  Uh yea.  But May.  I need to get going!  What to make?
Then she called me back.  And her kid's school carnival is coming up.  Since she donated a prize they are giving her a booth.  Do I want to come.  Sure! But it's March 11th. 
So.  Anyone ever do something like this?  What do I need to know?  What to bring?  Any tips? 
Oh, and while moving my stuff I have some fabric I'm getting rid of.  If your interested you can see it here.  And as I've got some that I'm making myself get rid of (I've got just too many) I got more fabric delivered yesterday.  And I realized I bought the same fabric.  Twice.  In 1 day.  From 2 different shops.  Duh.  See I have a problem.
Sew This.
How adorable is this Matryoshka doll from House of Spoon? 
I love the owl heating pads!  Way cute. I wish I would have had one of these when Josh went through his band aid phase.  Your kids do that?  They need a million band aids.  {Just Another Hang Up}
Mom of all Trades made this awesome Pet Pillow tutorial!  I love the bow!
Always Sew Love did an awesome job with this table runner.  I need to make one!  She got the tutorial from Diary of A Quilter.
It’s Celebrate the Boy Month again over at Made!  Check out those pants!   
Craft This.
I think that this Barbie shirt is just way to cute. {If Life was Like a Cupcake}
I love silverware.  This is a modern take on them.  How cool is this one from California Callahans?   Love the cut outs!
My family has a love for Boston Terriers.  I just thought this was adorable. {My Pretties}
I thought that these letters were really cool.  Maybe it’s because I’m a geek.  :) Josh’s room is in Mario and they don’t have any comic books.  I may have to go get one of those video game books/magazines.  {You Made That?}
Recovering Craft Hoarder made these awesome paper badges.
Print This.
It’s time to get the St. Patrick’s Day prints up!  While he was napping has one!
And Two Twenty-one does too!
This Apple loves orange has a spring print.
Love is spoken here.  I adore that.  I would need that in my classroom when I taught pre-school.  {Occasionally Crafty}
Cook This.
Chicken and Dumplings
Confessions of A Cookbook Queen has some chicken and (Firm) dumplings.  Looks yummy!
And Flamingo Toes has Chicken Pot Not Pie.  I think I’m craving some comfort food today.
Andy brought home some Girl Scout Cookies today.  And I saw Picky Palate had some Girl Scout Thin Mint Toaster Strudels up.  Hmmm. 
The Farm Girl Recipes has a cheesy garlic roll recipe.  YUM!
What’s better than sugar cookies?  Stuffed sugar cookies.  Duh. :) {Making Memories}

February is half over!  Don't forget to pick out your favorite February project for Blogger of the Month.  Sponsored again by the great ladies from My Vinyl Designer!


  1. Amanda, love that you featured me! And so glad to have found your blog. You are now in my feed! :) I love the things you posted about and I am heading over to print one of those St. Patricks Day subway art!! Thank you!

  2. Amanda - you're the best! Thanks so much for featuring our Milky Stuffed Sugar Cookies! I really appreciate it!

  3. i have done a couple of craft fairs and it is always hard to judge what will sell, but i always do great with a ton of crayon wraps, key fobs, tutu's, and checkbook covers. good luck:)

  4. Thank you so much for featuring our Pillow pet! Your site is to much fun!

  5. Oh my gosh! So many cute projects. Thanks for featuring my Owl Heating Pads!

  6. Thanks for featuring my subway art!!! Those garlic rolls look YUMMY!!!

  7. Thanks so much for featuring my Keep Calm print! I think I'll be making some of those thin mint Girl Scout cookie toaster strudels when I get my cookies on Friday. :)

  8. wow..what a cool blog!!! I'm so honoured to be featured and i can't wait to explore your blog further!


  9. Thanks for featuring my Love printable! How did I not know about your blog before?!? I'll be back often!

    Hope to see you around mine too :)
    Valerie@Occasionally Crafty

  10. That's exciting that you have a craft room now. :) I used to have one before I had my kids and I miss it! Also, thanks so much for featuring my subway art!

  11. Your blog is precious! Thanks for featuring my pretties today! I'm following you now!

  12. Thank you so much for featuring my comic book letters! I am now a follower and love your blog!


  13. Thanks for featuring my recipe, the rest of the stuff looks absolutely adorable. What great ideas!

    The Farm Girl

  14. Thanks so much for featuring my recipe Amanda! Another great list - as usual!

  15. Thanks so much for featuring my Table Runner tutorial! You have some awesome lists!!