Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sponsor Love - Handmade By Britt

First have you seen the Etsy shop Handmade by Britt?  She has some super cute - I mean SUPER cute stuff!

Insulated Lunch Bag Michael Miller Groovy Guitar
Like this Groovy Guitar insulated lunch box.  Do you love it?  Because I do. Like almost obsessional. 
And I think Josh would like it to..unless he saw this one...
Insulated Lunch Bag - Spongebob Squarepants
Then it would be over.  Good bye cute Michael Miller.  Hello Spongebob.
Insulated Lunch Bag Michael Miller Lil Kingdom
And for the little girl in your life how about this Michael Miller Lil Kingdom one?

And they are really reasonably priced at just $21.  I paid about that for Josh's Gymboree lunchbox...that I might add is in very rough shape.

But that's not all she's got.  She has backpacks (toddler size and you can have her create a larger one)
Toddler Backpack Cowboys LAST ONE
Toddler backpack Michael Miller Lil Kingdom
Toddler Backpack Michael Miller Groovy Guitars

One of my favorite parts about her backpack?  The bottoms are quilted.   Which means they're going to hold up!  Which for our house is super important!
Toddler Backpack Michael Miller Grass Menagerie Woodland Animals

READY TO SHIP Little Artist Case - Apples and Pears
She also has artist cases
Crayon Keeper Roll Love holds 18 crayons 8 Crayola crayons included
crayon rolls (doesn't this one scream out Valentine's Day?!)
Crayon Apron Cupcake Explosion holds 24 crayons 8 Crayola crayons included

French Country Womens Full lined Apron
READY TO SHIP Convertible Wristlet Yellow and Green Floral
And purses (you can make them either wristlets or shoulder bags! LOVE that!)

Her shop is amazing.  As you can tell I couldn't pick what to feature because I love it all!!!

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