Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sponsor Love ... Thread This Fabric

I love fabric.  Like really love it. And I love  the gals over at Thread This Fabric.  They are just so sweet!  Plus they get your order cut and in the mail right away! Which is always good because when you order fabrics as pretty as these you just can't wait to get it!! 

Rainy Days and Mondays Riley Blake 1 yard set 2 yards total
Hooty Hoot Kangaroo Owl Roll Call and Blue Mini Dots by Riley Blake 1 yard set of 2
Quite Contrary White and Red Cheery Dots by Riley Blake 1 yard set of 2
OR this Quite Contrary White and Red Cheery Dots set by Riley Blake.  {Can you tell I love Riley Blake? lol}

Well, let's be honest.  Really I'd take 1 of everything! :) But I couldn't decide so they are going to surprise me.  And I'm sure I'll run over and buy the others!  Because their prices are really great.  AND my favorite part?  I love how they pair the fabrics up together!  {You can also get just the individual fabrics} But for me, I always go out and buy the prints...get home want to make something and realize I didn't get anything to match it with! 

So go head over to Thread This Fabric - tell Britney and Amanda I said hi!  They're super sweet gals!  {And soon - they are getting Michael Miller fabrics too! Woo Hoo!}


  1. WOW~! that is cool fabric.. I love fabric and a girl just can't have enough stash.. I'll check out the blog that you have referred me too and see if I can just look and not
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  2. loving the umbrella's and raindrops! Super Cute!!! Just might have to head on over there...