Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blogger of the Week: Stacy from Not Just A Housewife

So I am reaching back to one of my favorite things from my preschool teaching days.  Student of the week.  But now for us adults it's - are you ready for this creativity - blogger of the week.  {I know -- it took me a SUPER long time to think that one up}

What is the advantage to being blogger of the week?  I talk about how fantastically awesome you are.  And I send you a little something something.  {Please note the word little.} 

I currently read 362 blogs each day.  {WOW. That was slightly embarassing to admit}  So to pick my blogger of the week I just went into and it picked number 117.

Not Just A Housewife. 

You may recall I just posted about Stacy's awesome Thankful Tree project.
I really heart that tree. Sigh.

But she has more cool stuff on her blogS.  Yup blogS. One is dedicated to cool birthdays.  {I saw a Star Wars bday there that Joshua would flip for.  Or the Indiana Jones birthday party. OR well you get the idea...}

I am just in love with her mommy blog.  She talks about her kids - about her mommy dates (I totally relate to that post by the way).

She shows off her power tool skills.  {And teaches you how to use them.  Which I need.  I'm totally envious of power tool using chicks} I love shadow boxes.

- And before I go on I think I must admit something.  Until about 4 years ago I was hanging up my pictures in my apartment with thumb tacks.  Yup.  Hubby now hangs up my stuff. And I took Joshua to Boy Scouts a few weeks ago (usually daddy goes not me) they were working on tools.  I used my first hammer.  Yes.  3 weeks ago.  One day I will build a house.  But right now I just need to learn to hang up my pictures.  Thanks for letting me share.  Back to Stacy.

She helps us in the kitchen.  I will try her bread recipe.  I love homemade bread.  Mmmm.

Dude.  She even has made her own cheese

Not to mention she's crafty.  Her pretty topiary.  And the washcloth packet - it opens for you to put a bar of soap in. {I saw the washcloth idea and said DUH. Joshua goes through half a bottle of body wash a day.  And I don't think any of it actually gets on him.  "it makes good bubbles".  Apparently he just likes the smell of his bubble bath - they aren't high quality bubbles.  Whatever.  I'm making one of these today actually}

And if for some reason you aren't convinced she's supermom yet --- she gardens too.  And not just a little something.  A BIG somethingS. That's just part of her garden.  She plants "carrots, broccoli, watermelon, tiger melon (?), grapes, peas, beans, cucumber, lettuce, oregano, basil, 4 types of peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, garlic, onions, summer squash, butternut squash, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries." And she didn't even plant everything this year that she did last.  The woman could feed a small country with that garden. 

I think she is just a lovely lady - and you can tell by reading her blog that she is such a great mom.  They have family night, mommy dates and even have themed dinners.  {I'm stealing your Valentine's Day idea} 

Stop by and say hello!

And Stacy - email me {} so I can get your address!  {I know I know the email -- I thought it was something easy for me and the hubs...DUH.  Our names basically consist of the same 3 letters - It's not easy it's a pain. Note to self - have hubby change name} :)

Talk soon guys!

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