Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday's Features!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week.  I just have to ask.  How many people are really decorating for Christmas already?  I know it is all over blogland but are the decorations just up for pictures or up for good?  Don't get me wrong.  I'm crafting away for the Christmas season.  It's just not up yet.  While going to get the mail today {we live in an apt.  ug where is my dream house!?} I passed by some decorated patios.  With turkeys...and snowmen.  And pilgrims...and Santas.  So am I just behind the whole Thanks-mas trend?  Someone please help!  I want to be cool too!!! :)

Anywho...your here to be inspired.
Here they are!


This first one is def. a project I need.  Organization.  Look how pretty.  Maggie from Smashed Peas and Carrots has them organized by designer and then color.  All in there looking beautiful.  Sigh.  If only.

Emily from The Boy Trifecta is one of my favorite bloggers.  She's just so darn wonderful {can you tell I'm trying to get on her Christmas grift list} lol.  Seriously she's got some amazing talent.  Like this hooded scarf.  I could have used one of these yesterday.  It was cold and rainy here and I tied poor Josh's around his head.  All night "But mom, why did you make me look like an old lady.  I am a boy."

This is one of those posts that made me say "Is she serious?"  I mean she completely took apart an old pair of shoes and made these.  And they are cute.  Go check out This &That Creative for the details.

Um yes this little boy is absolutely swoon worthy.  I'm also loving the guitar.  And the shoes and the red cuffs on the jeans.  But let's check out that shirt.  Kara you did it!  You made a totally awesome boy craft.  She has a million other projects I've bookmarked - go check her out!

I've talked about this before.  It's still on my to do list.  And now yours I'm sure.  Susan over at Living With Punks made this Land Of Nod knock off.  And she's really made a great detailed tutorial for you!  Super talented.  I'm jealous.

Doesn't this look delishious?  But don't eat it!! It is candy cane body scrub.  Mmmm oh yea.  There are other recipes too at the Natural Beauty Workshop.

Want to get your kids a lego table for Christmas.  Don't wait in line on Thanksgiving {yes Toys R Us is opening on Thanksgiving night this year} head to your local thrift store.  Kate teaches you how over at The Gaines Gang!

Yup.  Way to go Sherri!  You win Mother of the Year award for sure.  I can barely get our beds made each day let alone this.  And guess what.  It's called the easy playhouse loft bed.  Want to know my favorite part?  Well besides the whole bed loft thing in general.  Those stairs that lead to the bed flip open -- built in toy boxes.  Yes, this bed just got better.  Anna White has the plans.  Sherri talks about it on her blog.  Both of you ladies rock.  P.S. Sherri said it only cost her $350.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? :) Get me a saw? hammer? Um. My husband.

How cool would this be wrapped around a tree?  Well I think it would be.  Vintage Revivals {crafting with the stars champ --- check out her AMAZING faux fireplace she created} tells you how!

What an awesome less than $10 gift for a guy.  {It seems like if you are male you love video games.  Whether you are 7 like my son or 30 like my husband}  Instructables has the how to.

Holy cow! Are you kidding me? I freaking love these.  I do.  And I love Flamingo Toes for making these a free printable.  And there are more.  For every stinking food.  Go! {And then come back because I've got more!}
Pretty huh? Brenda made these over at Therapeutic Crafting.  And she's got more!  {p.s. I also want this on a plate}

How about some Thanksgiving Trivia to play?  Make sure you go to Prettie Parties to get the answer! 

Get ahead start.  Heidi has a printable calendar for 2011.  She made hers a magnet.  Genius.
I'm starting with gift tags...I've got TONS to share.  Here's round 1.  I esp. love the Mead style paper.  This is going on a teacher gift {I know how creative of me huh} is to thank for these!

These are becoming a gift set.  Plan: go to Goodwill - buy all their spoons.  Go to Alpha Mom get her hot chocolate spoon recipes.  Package all cute and what not.  Add to gift idea below.  P.S. I esp love that marshmallow snowman. 

Yup.  The ultimate hot chocolate gift.  Homemade hot cocoa, homemade marshmallows and stirring sticks.  {plus spoons from above} Cheap.  Easy.  Neighbors. Teachers. Office.  Ta Da.  This was originally created by Stephanie from Under the Table and Dreaming.  But you can find it posted at I heart naptime.

Does this not look like the yummiest cupcake.  It is a Triple Butterscotch cupcake.  And they just look kind of like a fall cupcake.  {Or maybe I'm just trying to make an excuse to make them}  Annie has lots of yummy treats on her blog.

Ok.  So I have a dream.  That one day I will be able to make cookies like this.  Check out those tail feathers!  Bridget is one talented lady.  How just amazingly cute are these.  Bake at 350 {already is I'm sure} a favorite spot for cookie eye candy.  Want a true story: while looking at all of her fabulous cookies I def. burned my package Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies in the oven. :( I'm sure she would never do that (either of them: buy packaged cookies or burn them)

Looks yummy huh?  And look carrots.  This dip is pumpkin cranberry whipped cream cheese.  And I'm thinking how yummy would that be spread on a bagel.  Go check out Little Bitty Bakes.


  1. Amanda thanks so much for the feature!! What a fun list. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the feature. What a great idea for a blog. I tried to get a button, but there was no code for me to use.

  3. Thanks for the feature. I have the land of nod pillows on my to do list too. They have been there for a while. I am planning on stuffing mine with our crib bumpers and my thumper decided he needed his a bit longer. (bonk) Crib bumpers are pretty cheap at thrift stores and many people don't use them anymore so they are cheap easy soft stuffing. Just roll them up and add a bit more batting where you need it. :) Go green!

  4. Amanda! You have linked some AWESOME projects here!! And your words about me are FAR too kind! :) I'll be following you, and I grabbed a button!

  5. WOW! Thanks so much for highlighting my lego table. I can't wait to see what great things you find and post on here!

    Have a fabulous week!

  6. Thanks for the feature! Also...just curious...I didn't see any contact info for you, but I've been going over your blog(s) and I was wondering if you would like to join the This & That Creative team. We have a girl posting twice a week and her schedule is getting busy so she needs to drop a day. You would post once a week on Tuesdays. We could work around whatever you If you are interested in posting about, featuring others, tutorials, etc. Please get back to us if you are interested! We'd love for you to join our team. P.S. We haven't invited anyone else yet, so let us know soon so that we can get someone else if you are not interested. Thanks!

  7. Amanda! I am SO honored that you featured our loft bed! We did have a really great time seeing it come together. If I can do it, ANYONE can. Seriously!

    Grabbed your button and following. Can't wait to see more of your fun finds :)

  8. wow! you must go through a lot of work to put this together. Thank you! and consider me your newest follower.

  9. I added your button to my scrolling buttons. Thanks again!

  10. thank you so much for the sweet feature! You CAN make those turkey cookies....I PROMISE!