Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hey everyone!  Thanks for wandering over.  I love crafts.  I love making things.  I love giving things that I make.  I love when someone comments oh that {fill in the blank} is so cute.  Where did you get it?  And I say "Oh, just something I whipped up."

And I love craft blogs.

Obsessively love craft blogs.

Which is good because some days I sit at my sewing machine and stare.  I'll look at my fabric and just wonder.  What in the world should I do with all of this?

So I'm making this little blog to help inspire you!  Everyone will find something.  Each day I will feature 20 totally awesome projects from around blog land.  Some maybe brand new - some maybe a blast from the past. 

Each day you will find:
5 general crafting projects
5 sewing projects
5 FREE printables
5 recipes {probably more often than not sweets because that's what I love!}

Sit back.  Relax.  Grab a Diet Coke {or your other beverage of choice - hey there will be no judging here!} :) Tell your friends.  If you are featured grab a button.  See you soon!


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