Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Tuesday


This Winchester shirt from Katri is way cute.  And totally do-able.  Plus it's green.  And I love green.

Oh Lemon Squeezy.  I can't believe I've never met you before!?  Oh golly.  I would have totally done your sewing through the decades -- I'm particularly obsessed with Mad Men fashion.  Totally 60's right now.  And this Lunch money cuff is **genius**.

The Pottery Barn Advent Calendar was one of my faves.  And 2nd Time Furniture is amazing.  Want it?  You better be quick tomorrow is Dec. 1st!!!

I love the holiday onesies over at Made by Me Shared With You.  So pretty.


Monogrammed Soap dispensers aren't new but sooo useful.  The Idea Room has a tutorial.  Perfect for teachers! Or anyone really.  Who doesn't wash their hands?  {Shame on you}

Judy made this AWESOME (did you notice the all caps?) peace wreath?  Perfect for anyone.  But all I thought about was the PB Teen catalog with that peace quilt. SWOON.

Short story.  I'm not a fan of the country.  Andy Loves it.  We lived in the country.  I hated it.  It was pretty but not for me.  Now we live "in the city" which means near Target.  And I love it.  Andy not so much.  I wonder if this barn door from Brown Paper Packages would make up for it? :)

Did you see this in your Pottery Barn catalog?  I did.  I tore it out.  I bought stuff to recreate it.  And hopefully it looks as good as Frugal with a Flourish's!! Isn't it awesome!

All Thingz Related posted this tutorial for a Glittery Christmas Candle Jar.  Perfect for neighbors, teachers, sister in laws who you don't know what to make for..

Merry Christmas to all.  Awesome.  And Maria from Agape Love Design is awesome.  And you are awesome.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.  I'm obsessed.  I want this.  And I want it on ... a plate.  A canvas.  The wall. Somehow. Someway. I want this. Thanks Kayla!

I need these leftover labels year round.  Thanks Chica and Jo!!

Simplemom.net (she wrote the book above) has lots of free printables to help you get organized.  Grocery lists to Christmas budgets to New Year's reflections.

Ok. So I know that this technically is for Thanksgiving. BUT you could easily change it for any holiday or celebration.  Of course this is from Thrive.  She's so darn amazing. 

Tidy Mom made this caramel apple gingerbread cake.  No other words needed. Yum.

Martha made these awesome looking Candy Cane Marshmallows.

My grandma loves peppermint bark.  I've bought  (the shame I know) her some every year.  But this is the year that I make a 7 layer peppermint bark.  Doesn't it look fabulous?   It is from Christopher and Tia

Want some gingerbread cookies?  Yea I thought so!  Go check out the recipe at Relatively Reagan.


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