Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds

TGIF.  This week has *flown* by.  Here are 20 fantastic ideas for you to craftlift. 

Sewing Projects
I love all things Boden - including Johhnie B and Mini.  And this shirt is no exception.  Go check out Chef Messy and see her Mini knock off.

I love love love love love this dress.  Did I mention that I love it?  And she will be giving one away.  The tutorial will be up soon -- so make sure you save it.  That ruffle.  Those buttons. Ahhh.  Joshua would you like a dress? :)  Wildflowers & whimsy.  Go. Now.

Thanks crafty habit for making this Anthropologie inspired tuxedo scarf.  I want one.  If I don't stop I think I will have 1,000,000 scarves by the end of this winter.  {And most will have a ruffle somewhere} :)

I actually clapped my hands when I saw this.  How freaking adorable is this.  Oh my gosh.  She wears flowers has the patterns on her blog.  And she is going to do a no sew version.  How awesome is she? 

Got an exercise enthusiast on your Christmas list?  Sew a yoga mat bag for them.  Details on Sew4Home.

Natalie over at Johnny in a Dress made this wreath and the how to is up.  She is a such a sweet woman with the cutest little family.  Go stop by and say hi!

I adore this ribbon tree by Lemon Tree Creations. I'm a fan of gingham too.  Easy to do with a lot of impact what's not to like.

This was one of those ohhhh my gosh projects.  Someone better find me a branch.  If it wasn't dark out I'd be out there right now.  Are you kidding me.  This is absolutely fabulous.  Not Just a Housewife -- holy cow.  I am one jealous mama.

I like this.  I like it alot.  And I like that you can change out the song - Christmas carol anyone?  Robyn has all kinds of cool finds on her blog.

Amy over at Positively Splendid made this Menu and Daily Planner.  What a good idea for Christmas gifts!

These are husband lunch notes.  They are super cute.  From the Happy Home Fairy.  I know.  How cute!

Here's another husband thing.  A report card.  Oh honey....Love actually is one of my favorite blogs.  It's nice to read about how to focus on us every once in awhile. 

I love all things vintage.  I think I'm going to print these out and use the front as thank you cards for my son to hand out with his Boy Scout popcorn.  These were done by Natalie Jost.

Need some handmade tags?  A fanciful twist has some!  I love the scissors.  Yup.  That's the one I want on my gift.

Family Fun has some Thanksgiving Mad Libs.  How fun would this be for the kid's table? 

Yum.  Cinnamon Roll cupcakes from The Nelsons.  Aren't they cute?  {Yea, the cupcakes too}

Wouldn't this be a nice way to come home.  I think everyone deserves cupcakes on their doors.  Somewhat Simple has the how to. 

Who else but Hoosier Homemade could have made this? She was on I heart naptime today.  {I'm a hoosier bad she's not my neighbor.  I would totally be stopping by for an after school snack at her house}

How cute are these whoopie pies?  Perfect for Sunday football games.  Make Merry  has the details!

World's Best Breadstick.  Here they are.  Hey remember in Elf when Buddy runs into the coffee shop?  "Congratulations!  You did!  World's best cup of coffee!  Keep up the good work!"  lol.  I love that movie.  Lehi from Dream Home made these.  And I will say -- they look yummy.


  1. What a fun list! Thanks for including me!

  2. Amanda, thank you so much for featuring me and for all your sweet comments! I am very honored! Once again thank you so much!

  3. Amanda! Thank you for featuring my Christmas Wreath! It means alot to me!!!

  4. Found you over at Flamingo Toes! I am new to the blog world as well! Great idea of featuring top projects. All of the inspiration & crafty people out there overwhelms me!


    ps- I totally love the fork and spoon from pottery barn as well. I am hoping to make them and I will definitely share the tutorial!

  5. Oh geez, I love mini boden too. LOVE. Good thing their clothes are knock-off-able. :)

  6. Thank you for featuring my Anthro-inspired scarf!!I'm really liking the tags :)