Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Features...

First off.  SO sorry guys!  My computer had been acting up for a while.  And then.  It died. 
{Moment of silence please.}
But I'm back - new computer - ready to go.
Feb. Blogger of the month -- since one of the prizes was a month of advertising it wouldn't be fair to let you have it up for 2 weeks.  So everyone is a winner and we will get back on track for next month.  And blanket tutorials will resume next Monday! 

I've been out and about looking at everything in blog land.  Miss 2 weeks and it feels like eternity!! Lots of great projects! 

Sew This.
I have to make some of these bags.  I’ll be the most stylish farmer’s market shopper around! :) Well.  I’ll try!  A Day in the Life of the Hooks has a great blog and an easy to follow tutorial for the produce bags!
At Second Street shows you how to make a way cute apron.  Love the ruffle!
Lots of Pink here has a how to on shape pockets!  And 4 different shapes! Don't these dresses scream Mini Boden?
Are you loving this skirt?  I am!  Check out Moda Bake Shop! {Posted by the fabulous Melissa from Polka Dot Chair}
Josh’s bathroom is in monsters by Jumping Beans (I bought it at Kohls awhile ago).  But they were sold out of the towels.  And this looks perfect!  Awesome Kojo Designs!
Craft This.
I’m doing by living room in vintage games – and um.  I’m loving Dittle Dattle’s Ballard Knock off ticket!! I must find a spot for it!
I thought this would be a cute project for any child!  It’s from Craftzine.
Are you serious?  Perhaps it’s because I live in a house full of all boys.  But when I see things like this it makes me just scream doll house!! {Although this is a bird house}  Mega Crafty did a great job on the leprechaun house.  And it makes me want one for each holiday!
Flamingo Toes has a great specimen art.  Loove it.
And another Ballard knock off.  This time from the Evolution of Home.  Looks great! {Just a note: So I keep ordering Ballard, Pottery Barn etc and etc catalogs because they send me one and stop.  Do you think they know I’m to cheap to actually buy something and just make the knock off’s instead? Anyone else have this problem?  Or do they really just not like me?}
Print This.
monster repellent spray
Chica and Jo have the cutest monster spray print for you!
You know that Tom Kat Studio created some awesome St. Patrick’s Day printables!
One Charming party has bag toppers.  {Josh has been looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day since like, July.  And he’s on Spring Break.  So we will have to do something here at home.  Bummer … no cool treat bags for us!}
Eighteen 25 has another treat bag!
I have to pass this onto the girl scouts in my life.  Love the cookie tag!  {I may put some in my bag and next time I go to the grocery store/ movie theater/ target/ CVS and get asked if I want some cookies I can say no thanks I’ve got some.  Do you want a tag? :)  Because I love girl scouts.  I love cookies.  And I always feel bad saying no.  But gosh.  They’re everywhere!!} {HotCakes}
Eat This.
AJs shrimp
Honey Ginger Shrimp.  Yum.  Sounds delish.  {Food wine and Mod Podge}
I stocked up on lucky charms at Kroger the other day (on sale for $2.18 a box and I had $1.50 off each box in coupons!)  So these treats from Cozy home Chronicles are on my to do list this week! 
Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs.  Love Picky Palate.  She does it again!
What St. Patrick’s Day would be complete with out some Irish Soda Bread? {Brown Eyed Baker}  {Found via Ucreate Foods.}
Dijon Hame Asparagus Rollup3
Pennies on a platter served up some Dijon ham and asparagus roll ups.  I think that a batch of these would be great for something for lunch during the week or for dinner on Tuesdays! {Josh has OT 4-5 and then home, homework, quick dinner and karate 6:30-7:45} Plus it’s a fun way for veggies – and MAYBE he’d try them!

It feels so nice to be back!
Make sure to check out the ladies at My Vinyl Designer!  They always have great vinyl designs! And right now they are offering 20% until the 25th! Check out their site for details!


  1. Thanks for the feature. Those Asparagus roll ups look super yummy.

  2. Amanda, thanks so very much for featuring my pockets!!! And MIni Boden, I am dying, what a compliment!! :)

  3. WELCOME BACK! you were missed :) Love so many of these ideas. I think I can do some of these even on my "1 month, $0 craft budget" challenge!
    Thanks, Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Amanda! Love the crafty round up. I'll be following. Thanks!

  5. Thank you doll for the shout out! I'll be adding your blog button to my sidebar :D

  6. Thank you so much for the feature!

  7. You are so nice! Thank you so much for the link! I have to try that honey shrimp, it looks delicious!

  8. Hi Amanda!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your computer dying but yay for a new one!!

    Thanks so much for the feature! It was fun being up there with such great ideas!


  9. Thanks so much for the feature Amanda!! You always do the best roundups! :)