Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twitter -- add me let's tweet

I finally got a twitter account.... and you should totally add me.

I seriously get excited when it says "you have a tweet" on my phone.  HOoray!

So add me .... adesigned

{And incase you were wondering that's my Etsy store name!}


  1. OK... can you explain to me why you got the account and how you think it will be different from FB or something? I don't have one and I have been wondering about it....
    And if I end up getting one, I'll totally add you.

  2. sorry gal, this momma is so not high tech like that:) i got an account about a year ago and used it once, i just never got it. maybe because i was tweeting with my laptop?! didn't know you tweet with your cell phone? hmm? maybe that's why i don't get it:) have fun tweeting away!

  3. I think it's funny that my name is Amanda and my Twitter ID is AmandaDesign.

    Great minds think a like!