Friday, April 29, 2011

Features of a different sort

Features of a different sort today....

So some people are laughing at me.  But I really want a hat.  Really want a hat.  We're pretty boring -- I'd probably end up wearing it to the grocery store. 

But I would.  I would wear it down the cereal aisle with pride.  While matching up my coupons.

Because that is royal.

Royal Wedding Arrivals
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie
I got the photo here
Now I admit that some hats might seem more extreme.  But I will say -- I like the blue color.  And I like her coat. 
Princess Osborne
Picture from here
I'm kind of a freak for feathers right now.  I think that this one would do well down the Kroger aisles.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex
Picture from here
Love it.  Love it. 

Lady Frederick of Windsor
Picture from here
This one is slightly more "cruise ship" than Royal Wedding in my opinion. But Lady Frederick pulled it off nicely.  She makes it look classy.

Princess Marie-Chantal's hat
Photo from here
I think this hat is great.  The color is gorgeous. I love the flowers.  It looks very British.

Kate is a hat lover too.
I got the photo here
Andy said it looked like one of those old satellite dishes, but I like it :)

I got the photo here
One of my favorites.  So pretty.  So classic. 

I got the photo here
Really?  I'd smile too.  Told you - I'm a sucker for feathers.

So million dollar question.  If I was in line at the grocery store and you saw me wearing one of these hats would you laugh? 

I loved the wedding.  I loved the dress.  I actually just love Kate's (or are we supposed to call her Catherine now?) style.  I hope she brings back the classic styles.  The clean lines.  So classy.  I need a long coat, pearls and a hat. 

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  1. Love you post, the hats and yes, I would laugh at you if you wore one to the grocery store, but would love to see hats return to church.

  2. Great pics! I think we should definitely bring hats back, at least it might make me seem taller, and would be a fantastic conversation starter!

  3. Were those first two hats for real....? Seriously?
    (btw- I totally think you could rock a hat in the cereal aisle.)

  4. I got up this morning at 3a.m. to watch the royal wedding. I loved all the hats.
    WHen I was a small girl all the ladies wore hats and so did the men. I think it should come back..
    Now if you wore one of these at the Kroger, it would be so funny.. It would definately turn some heads and make people smile instead of grumble. Have a tiggeriffic day, ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  5. the hats were all we talked about through the whole thing! Fergie's girls' hats were hideous!!!

  6. It depends on what you are wearing with the hat. Jeans (of the ratty variety) and a t-shirt, yeah I might laugh. I nice trench coat, totally rocks. Love the first feather hat. I lvoe the classy styles. Sooo nice.

  7. i loved the wedding too, cried like a baby with my little girl sitting on the couch watching with me. yes, i would totally laugh if i saw you in the store with feathers in. but my bff that lives in vail tells me that weaving feathers into the hair is the in thing right now. guess that fad hasnt hit nh yet.

  8. i really like your post...and yes, im one of those who stayed up all night instead of just waking up at 3 in the morn to watch the, i paid for that

    i am not a hat person nor do i see myself ever becoming one....and i did think that the majority of the hats were a bit on the very extreme side and started to feel sorry for whoever was going to have to sit behind the ladies with the really big and/or tall hats....

    i did try to imagine myself wearing one of those outrageous looking hats and No, i could never pull off that kind of look even in my

  9. Yes, I would laugh, but I would want one too.

  10. I bought a hat today :-) It will be perfect for the summer, and I can't WAIT to wear it :-) In fact I am at a spa this weekend with my bestest friend, and I think I will wear it and enjoy a good book out by the ocean :-)

  11. oh man I love some of those hats! I watched the royal wedding judging every single hat I saw. it was fun. I am glad I found your blog!

    new follower!

  12. Hi! I noticed some of the images link to my blog. Thanks. Aren't the hats just amazing (and in some cases distressing)? Fantastic! Love your blog!