Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's Features!!

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Don't forget to work on your blankets!

Sew This:
I am so glad that I am Momma Hear me Roar decided to post this tutorial.  It’s great for everyone – especially kids with sensory problems.  And buying the weighted vests, necklaces, or blankets isn’t only expensive but then you have to pay big bucks to ship them!  So this is perfect!
I love the look of this headband from Craft Envy.  It’s made out of a men’s necktie!
Here is another headband tutorial. This time from Calico.
Puddle jumping designs did a great tutorial on how to appliqué. 
Obsessively stitching made these super cute Eye Spy blocks.
Craft this:
Love these letters?  Me too.  She’s Kind of Crafty made them!
Want a super cute basically free decoration?  Go check out Décor chick for this book how to. 
This will be getting done for Valentine’s Day.  Homemade by Jen made this super cute button boquet for a friend.
…I’m loving this.  {Get it, McDonalds….cheeseburger design….} Ahem.  So yes. I  think this is one of the cutest chore chart’s I’ve seen.  I like it.  {Childmade has tons of awesome ideas by the way}
I'm in awe of some of Make it and Love it's jewlery! 

Print This:
Lizard and Lady Bug has some great football printables for you!
Andy and I have an inside joke revolving around cracker jack prizes.  So when I saw this … it was love. :) {Tried and True.  I wish I had mad photoshop skills...or just photo shop.  I'd love if this said You're my prize valentine.....hint hint....any photoshop wizzards out there....:) }
Creating Keepsakes has this I love you printable.
 candy buffet lollipop displays
How cute are these from Hostess with the Mostest?

via Perfect Sentiment
submitted by jewelinthesand
Alright.  This is one of those blogs that I find and I just get lost.  Her photos are …It's Mary Ruffle.

Eat This:
Cinnamon breakfast puffs?  Enough said. …. Has the recipe from Sunday Baker.

So this may not be a recipe but....For Serious.  Look at that cake.  My friend Katie (hi Katie!) and I were looking for birthday ideas for her son's Cat in the Hat party and this was too awesome not to share.  And I'm glad I found it  - The Creative Party Place is awesome!

Molton Chocolate Cakes.  Def. NOT on my diet list.  But doesn't this look super good?  Dessert First is a fantastic little blog that I (heart).

 brussels sprouts with pear and shallots 300x200 Powerful Food: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Shallots
Alright.  I love Brussel Sprouts.  The poor veggie has gotten such a bad reputation.  But why?  They are YUMMY!  And Family Foods posted this recipe - roasted brussel sprouts with pears and shallots.  YUM.  Perfect. 

best brownie recipe

Baked Bree has these yummy brownies on her blog today.


  1. Thanks for linking! :o) Great roundup!

  2. just another reason we are meant to be friends, we LOVE brussel sprouts in this household. We HAD 5 gallons of them in the freezer, but now they are almost all gone. we are wondering why we never grew them before, deish and even better freshly picked from the garden. that cake, WOWOWOW!!

  3. I love that how that pearl necklace was made. I have seen similar ones around and I want one. Now I have some ideas on how to make one. Thanks