Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday's Features

Me: Josh did you have good dreams last night?
Josh: No.
Me: {rolling my eyes think ahh man} Bad dreams?
Josh: No.  Just plain ones.
I'll take plain dreams anyday!
Sew This:

Everyone is reorganizing right now.  Sew 4 Home has this caddy how to that would be perfect for all you re-organizing ladies!
I love the military style. This hat is amazing!  I love the lace on it.  Girlies it right up!  Crafterhours has the tutorial!
How pretty is this necklace from Just Beckause?
This was one of those ohmygosh projects.  Sweet Pea and Pumpkins MADE this ball pit!!!!
That Village House is one busy mama.  And has one lucky little girl.  With some super lucky party guests.  Because she made each one a horse!!
Craft This:
Infarrantly Creative has up a great tutorial on how to make a faux canvas print.  I love this! And not just for our family pictures! It makes me want to take pictures of Josh’s artwork and get them put on canvas.  And …. Oh wait… I can’t tell you.  Oh I’m so excited! :)
And Beckie not only writes the fab infarrantly creative blog but she also has a new blog called Knock-Off Décor.  Which is where I found this totally awesome Pottery Barn inspired airplane.  For real?  Ali from Honey and Maple Syrup drew it herself.  Now I’m great at stick people but airplanes?  Not so much. 
I love the counter top re-do over at Pretty Lil Posies.  {She’s got one crafty mama!}  I love the fact that they cost $20 even more!  Not to mention the whole kitchen re-do (which rocks) cost only $250!
Madigan Made has a really cool Magnet board up right now.  I love the Dollar Store ideas!
Lil Luna has this great Valentine’s Day wreath.  I love it. 
Print This:
Me Sew Crazy has a set of baby Milestone printables!  The photo op - is beyond cute. 
Freshly Squeezed has this super All You Need Is Love {are you singing along right now too?} Valentine’s Day Print
And in case you need a card to go with that bag topper from yesterday, It’s A Crafty Life has her Owl always love you print up!
Because you shouldn’t need a special day to thank a teacher – here is Tom Kat Studio’s teacher card!
Less Cake More Frosting has this super cute heart trio printable for you to frame.
Eat This:
Summer over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff has this yummy looking popcorn on her fabulous blog today! {This is what I call a Danger Food.  Food set out in a bowl to snack on.  And it's sweet.  And yummy. Danger Danger! But if you've got will power - good for you!}
While he was napping cooked up theses super delicious looking double chocolate kisses!
flourless chocolate cake finished 
Topsy Turvy is like queen of cake.  Her cakes are amazing!  And here is her recipe for no flour and no gluten cake.  And chocolate!!! YUM!
Funky Polka Dot Giraffe has this cute Valentine’s Day Dinner that I’m stealing.  Josh is going to love it!  Pepperoni never looked so cute!

Food Folks and Fun had these brownies up.  And they looked yummy.  Then I found out that there were peas in them!  As a veggie sneaking mama I’ve gotta try them!
Just 11 more days til the blanket party!
Just 12 more days until the 1st Blogger of the Month party!
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  1. Thanks for featuring me, or should I say my mom! You have such a fun many great ideas in one place! Have a great day!

  2. Ooohhh....Yay! What a great surprise. And that ball pit? Are you kidding me? And I love the idea of cutting out the pepperoni. That may have to be our Valentine's Dinner too! Thanks again!

  3. Woohoo! So honored to be featured! I'm gonna shout it from the Twitter-tops! :)

  4. Thanks for featuring my popcorn! Definitely make it - it's delicious! (And you are right, dangerous!)

  5. Thanks for featuring me! I was so excited to see my post here!! :)

    Sharon, Sweet pea and Pumkins

  6. Yay! My first feature! Thank you so much :) I am going to post the link on facebook.
    I LOVE your blog by the way!

  7. Amanda, Thanks for the blog feature!I grabbed your button and I'm your newest follower. =)

  8. Thank you so much for the feature. (Ellie's right, that ball pit?? Wow.)

  9. Wow! Thanks so much for the feature!!! It's one of my very favorite recipes of all time! I hope you get a chance to make it (it will totally change your life!)

  10. On behalf of That Village House... thanks for the feature of Tiffany's stick horses! We appreciate it! :)