Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So guess what?  Yea.  My scheduled posts.  They're totally off schedule. Oh well.  So sorry for it being late today and no post yesterday.  Well, I have a post.  It's labeled drafted.  And since I was cruising Hobby Lobby yesterday by the time I got home and went through my inbox I said grrrrr.  And then watched Fat Albert (the old school cartoon not the new movie.  My son found it on netflix and is now going hey hey hey all the time.  Cracks him up)

Sew This:
I have a thing for monsters.  Have you seen Andy?  hahaha JUST KIDDING!!!!! :) {I love you!} No but seriously this little guy is cute.  And you should see what the shirt looked like before!  And while you are over at Shwin & Shwin check out their Project Toddler Runway.  It gets me all excited!
One of your resolutions learn to sew?  Or do you want just a refresher...from a sewing genius?  Smashed Peas & Carrots shows you how to sew on bias tape.  I love her tutorials.  Very first time ever sewer friendly.

Way cute right?  Running with Scissors has the how to on this little guy.  Ride like the wind Bullseye!! {I about cried when Andy went to college.  I did.  I remember when Toy Story came out..the first one.  And then Andy got a sister.  And then he grew up...tear.}

It's a snake scarf...Awww.  And I'm NOT a fan of snakes.  They freak me out actually.  But I think this little guy is way cute.   In between the crazy is a new blog that I'm sure will have more awesome things coming in the future!

I love this take on the Cami Secret from Keeping it Simple (who hosts a great link up party every week by the way....) This is something that I could def use.  And so could the lady that was ahead of me in line at Kroger yesterday.  Just saying...

Craft this:
Pretty Pots
Um excuse me.  How cute are those?  I will have some.  I may run and get some pots today.  Yup I think I will. :) {Lavender and Limes}

I love this bracelet from Clare's Place.  I want one in every color. Yes please.

Domestically speaking has this baseball chalkboard tutorial up.  This looks straight out of PB.

Remember when I said I had big plans for my living room that I couldn't share with you.  Well this was one of my projects I had lined up!  How funny is that!  When I saw it on Lemon Tree Creations I was like ahhh on my to do list!  Great minds think alike.  She did an awesome job on hers.  And I can't wait to show you the other projects I want to do to go with it! 
Another thing on my to do list.  Coasters.  For my game theme.  For Valentines day.  For St. Patricks Day.  For Easter.  I want coasters!  The cottage home made these - aren't they pretty.  I'd take these too. :)

Print this:
Skip to my Lou has scratch off Valentine's Day cards.  How fun.

This has been saved on my computer for a hot minute (ok a week) and I've seen it all over this week in blog land.  So let me jump on this train too!  Isn't it cool? It's Mary Ruffle.  And she has other equally cool things to print! :)

Mine for the Making has this super cute love potion printable.

I don't know if I've told you name is Amanda and I'm a lister.  I write grocery lists, to do lists, lists of books to get from the library, lists of fabric to get (because my stash isn't huge enough), list of bills to pay, lists of things to look for while thrifting.  I even have a list of lists that I keep in the office to where the lists are located and what lists I've already started.  It's um insane.  {PLEASE tell me I'm not the only chronic lister out there}  So when I saw I heart organizing's blog list.  I was in love.  Let me add it to my list....

Is that not cute?  Tweedle Dee Designs has the free thank you tag for you to use. 

Eat this:
Yum. I love broccoli and cheese soup.  And the Gridiron Girl's looks super good!

Want more soup?  Picky Palate has a collection of them.  And they all look Divine!

Do you know what that is?   It's a french toast cupcake with browned butter frosting.  Yea it is. Go check out langes Fädchen, faules Mädchen for the recipe. 

Chocolate peanut butter krispy treats.  Yum.  And I'm loving the Dorothy plate.  Really loving it! :) I'm a new follower over at this chick cooks.  Everything looks good.

Cheeky Kitchen has these cranberry struesel muffins.  YUM-O.


  1. Thanks for featuring Bullseye! I love that snake scarf!!

  2. Thanks for the feature!! I love what you said about the lady in front of you, if only everyone wore something under their shirts... :)

  3. Aww! Thanks for the feature! I am flattered! Glad you adore the list! :)


  4. Thanks so much for the feature!!! I can't wait to look around your blog and check out all the other goodies!

  5. Thanks for featuring me. I'm following you now. Have a good day!

  6. YES! You are not alone! I am a ridiculous chronic lister. I have posted about it before because my desk is literally a heap of post it notes covered in lists. I spend minutes everyday rewriting the lists, organizing the lists, updating the lists, etc. Whereas if I just sat and focused, I might actually complete one of the lists! Ah! So happy to hear I am not alone!

  7. do the work and we get to enjoy the fun blogs. I have at least 4 I'm heading to check out.

  8. Brooke is my bestie and is so special I cannot even relay it in a comment. Thanks for your lists!

  9. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog - and featuring my tutorial! Great blog!

  10. WOW! what a cool blog.... I just stumbled across you this morning from Mine for the Making..congrats BTW on your win! If you get a minute please come visit me at

  11. Aww, thanks for the featuring my bias tape tutorial!! Love this round up of goodies!!