Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday - CSN giveaway

Hey guys....sorry there was no post up today.  My husband took my modem to download a video game (anyone else married to a gamer?) He started at 9 and it didn't finish til 5:30 tonight.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Thanks high speed Internet or DSL or whatever this is.

BUT oh my gosh.  Do I have big news for you!?  But I can't tell.  Yet! :) Soon.  It has to deal with Gabe's Gifts and some super powers I'm joining up with!

But you saw CSN giveaway up there didn't you.  Yup there is one on my other  blog -  Were the Joneses.  And you get an entry for following my top 20 blog so go enter!!

1 comment:

  1. AWeSOME! Personally I want the jame jars those things are way cool. The bigger ones are kinda pricey but WAY COOL!!