Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Features

Thanks so much to everyone helping me out with my son's scary dream situation!  I really appreciate it! :) I've been a little distracted today, trying to create a bad dream kit.  I'll have to post it as soon as I finish!  But here are today's features!
Sew This:
I love Craft, interrupted's mantle scarf.  How stinking cute!
Make it Love it has a boys reversable vest made from old trousers that is way too adorable.

Lunch Bag - tutorial coming soon ;)
I wanted to make a lunch bag and stumbled upon Pink Penguin.  Such a cute blog.  And an adorable lunch sack!

My blog friend Christina is doing a series all about fat quarters.  And today she featured a way cute wristlet!  And she's giving it away! But don't go enter....I want to win! :) {2 little hooligans}

I have loved these valentine pouches since I saw them in PB last year.  But I'm thinking I love At Second Street's more bucause...well...look at them!  Can you say super cute!?

Craft This

Josh would freak out for this.  Like you don't even know.  Freak out.  {A lemon Squeezy Home}

I can't say Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday (I like it don't get me wrong!) but I think I can say that it is my favorite holiday to decorate for.  Mostly because I can use pink.  And glitter. And hearts.   And when your the only girl in the house -- you don't get to use that stuff very often.  And this be mine from Crafty Sisters...has it all!

Thanks to Greenbean's Crafterole I now have yet another crafting product that I need to get.  A binding machine because I think I could make these little notebooks all day long.

Johnny in a Dress added these girly bulbs to her chandelier.  And I love it!  I think it looks great for her party --- and to keep up all year long! :)

Is this chess set cool or what?  I am going to have to email Create One Day In The Future and get some info on eactly what/how she did this because 1.  I know nothing about chess and 2. I know nothing about those things she used to make the peices.  But I do know a boy who would LOVE this!!!!!

Print This:
Lizard and Ladybug made these super cool robot valentines.

And guess what I got in my inbox a few days ago...

Thanks Christie!!!Aren't these cool?? I'd love to get a cracker jack valentine! :) I'm not all so if you can click to save it than that's cool if not leave your email address and I'll email it to you!

The TomKat Studio always has cool stuff.  And of course Valentine's Day is no exception! :)

Anything but perfect has these awesome candy bar wrappers.  I don't know...I think they're perfect! :)

Hippos and Dinosaurs made this super cool book.  And she's sharing her cover with you !

Eat This:
The Thrifty Things has a recipe for Almost Panara Breads French Onion Soup.
Wingledings has this recipe for skinny baked bananas.  It looks really yummy.  And not what I would think of when I think of a skinny dessert! :) So it's right up my alley!!!

It can't be Valentine's Day without some candy hearts.  But I'm not a fan of em.  BUT I'm going to have to try the homemade version!  I got the recipe from Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom.

Here's another skinny recipe.  This one for Chicken Pot Pie from Gourmet mom on the go.

Not only does Cheeky Kitchen's turkey and bacon pesto panini look yummy (yes I'm becoming one with it!) but I love her style of writing. She has a fantastic blog you have to check out!

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  1. Thanks for the feature! I love your blog! I think I'm going to take a good look around:)

  2. Thanks so much for including my mantel scarf in the Top 20 Amanda!! I'm honored to be among such awesome projects : )

  3. Thanks for including my robo-valentines!! You've got a great list here - time to do some browsing!!!

  4. Yay, I'm glad someone made the cracker jack adjustment for you! We all got nasty sick over here and my To Do list was put on the back burner. Have a nice Valentine's Day!

  5. Wow! Thanks so much for featuring my chess set! I'm going to check out all the other featured projects. :)

  6. omg...thanks so much for the feature!...i'm so glad these little guys have been such a hit!...i love love love all the other projects!...