Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cha Cha Cha Changes - plus my blogs pretty now!!!

First.  Look at my blog!  Pretty huh?  SOOOO much prettier!  Lindsay from Happy Housewife Designs did an awesome job...I'll be using her for sure for my other blogs!  Thanks Lindsay! (P.S. right now she's offering half off blog designs better sign up soon!)

Second.  I know it's not Christmas, but Christmas is a third of the way done at my house so I feel the need to slightly move forward. (Just Christmas at my mom's and then well Christmas Christmas).  2011 is the year.  THE year people.  Year for great things.  And the year for (cue music) cha cha cha changes.  {I totally wish this was like a greeting know you read the it and it plays the music...that would be awesome.}  There are going to be BIG things coming for my little blog.  I'd like to start advertising in 2011 - and although my numbers are good to me I'm no blog superstar.  So if you would like some FREE advertising.  Yes, free advertising.  And would be willing to put my (new, pretty version) button on your blog I'll do the same.  And you can be my "sponsor".  I'll even do a sponsor highlight on ya. These are good for 1 month. I've got a magic number in my head and when I hit that I will begin to charge (a very small fee!)  I'm only taking email me quick! (I know.. ridiculous amounts of a's, n's, and d's.  I thought it would be easy...amanda and andy but I guess I didn't think about it...)

Third.  Blogger of the week is obviously no more.  Really, it is too hard to highlight one/week.  So I'm doing 1/month.  Starting January 2011 -- Blogger of the month.  Would you like to sponsor?  If yes...and you know you get all of this:
1. a large ad prominently placed (meaning up top!)
2. And your ad will be placed at the bottom of each post (Blogger of the Month is sponsored this month by -your ad here-.
3. I will do a free product review of your shop
4. On Blogger of the month announcement day I will do a store highlight.

That's a heck of a lot of exposure!!! And who knows what kind of exposure you will get from the recipient's blog! What do you need to provide?  2 items from your shop (must be at least a $15 value). 1 for the product review and 1 for the prize. (I will email you the name and address on where to ship the prize).  That's it. 

Fourth.  If anyone is still reading.  I am starting a blanket drive for 2011.  I've been wanting to do this for about 2 months now.  But I thought new year would be a great time to start.  Plus, it has a story behind the drive.  And I've been writing...rewriting.  And trying to figure out my words.  So even if you don't donate a blanket keep in mind it would be wonderful to help get the word out.  More on this later. 

I think that's it.  Whew.  I know.  A lot.  Leave a comment if you actually read this! :) Just bc I'm curious.  Do y'all read or just scan pictures? :) he he!


  1. I sell Pampered Chef and Heritage Makers. I would love to advertise on your site if either is appropriate. Maybe this year will be the year I start an etsy shop.

  2. I read it and can't wait to all of the changes that are going to be happening. I think I will claim 2011 as my year of great things as well.

  3. I read the whole thing! Phew! j/k I'm thrilled for your new year. If I had my ducks in a basket or eggs in a row, I'd totally take you up on the offer. We'll see how quickly I get life together!
    Here's to a wonderful 2011!