Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Features

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And I launched a new blog this week.  Super Mom Club.  I decided to separate my crafts and mommy stuff.  I'd love if you came and joined.  There is a Mommy Millionaire series over there -- recipes -- reviews -- giveaways -- all kinds of stuff.  Come check me out! {I normally don't do plugs so just hear me out!}

Without further ado....

Bunny Bowling. This was made by The Long Thread.  And she made it for Easter.  I am making one for Christmas.  LLLLLLLooooooVVVVeeee it.  Super stinking cute.

Happy Together made this adult size cardigan to a child size one.  I'm so glad I found this tutorial before this weekend.  It was half off day at Goodwill so my snuffly self dragged my butt over there.  And I found 3 cashmere cardigans I need to mini size!  For $2 each.  Woo hoo!

Isn't this Santa scarf the cutest?  Nancy Couture was guest blogging over at She Wears Flowers.  She even put a no sew version up too!

The Cottage Home made this super cute Laptop/kindle/I-pad sleeve tutorial.  Perfect for the holidays.  {Gosh you know you are totally Nintendo-ed out when you see this and think overalls with a Mario sign in the middle}

Char from Crap I've Made did this.  She added yet another to do on my list.  I mean how can I seriously have a candy themed Christmas without a peppermint pillow?


Lemon Tree Creations made this SUPER COOL Frosty the Snowman hat.  I mean.  I love this.  This is super cool.  Told you huh? You can even put stuff in it.  I think this maybe a new tradition.  So magical! :)

Dear Eighteen 25 I think you saved my marriage.  :) Isn't this sweet?  Seriously though.  This may have.  Esp. when hubbys work 3rd shift.  And I feel like I hardly ever talk to him.  And it's cute. 

Welcome Sunshine Home made this super cute picture.  Awwww.

Embroidery hoop ornaments.  I think they are cute.  Go check out Dream Home to look at the detail on them.  They look great!

Ducks in a row made the coffee filter snowball up there.  But look at her pretty musical note bunting too.  I love the holidays.

I'm loving the official Santa Seal on Seven Thirty Three's letter.

I need some more printer ink.  Everyone is getting cool gift tags this year and this one is no exception.  Betty Crocker Wannabe made this awesome true Christmas meaning printable. 

You know I'm all over this one.  I love Elf. With a passion.  I could quote Buddy all day.  Less Cake {more frosting} has this.  And I'm loving that frame.

Craftily Ever After has more!! I'm also loving her Wise Men Still Seek Him sign.  {which is also a gift tag currently....for my sister in law I believe... I think I may have enough Christmas printables for everyone to have their own!}

Head on over to Two Crazy Cupcakes for a We've Been Elfed set - poster, poem and cookie labels.  I adore this idea.  Coming home to a treat is always nice!

Grown up Mac & Cheese.  Yum.  I can't even picture this stuff sitting next to Kraft. Cheeky Kitchen has the recipe (and a bazillion other recipes of things I want to try...)

Here's one for the kids.  Isn't this cute? Little Nummies made this one.....

Little Food Junction made these!  Aren't they cute? 

Who wouldn't want to eat a burger off of this?  Pennies on a Platter has the recipe on her blog - and she said they were easy to make!  This is going in the save file...
Mmmm...well it's started snowing here.  Which means soup!  UCreate foods made this Olive Garden Toscana
 Soup.  Doesn't it look yummy.  Because everyone needs soup when it's snowy.

P.S. If it's not snowing near you check out this picture from UCreate
because I think they could spare you some snow if you are in need!!


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  3. Thanks for the feature! I clicked the button too.

    My man works 3rd shift too - it's not so bad during the week, but the weekends really suck!

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