Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hi guys!  Guess what I won a blog makeover! Woo hoo!  So excited -- because well...this one is kind of ugly! (Except for all your fantastic crafts that are all over it!) So hopefully soon it will be all pretty-fied.  Because well.  I suck at technical stuff.  Josh is better than I am.  By a long shot!

How stinking cute. Make it and Love it made this cute little felt truck for her son for Christmas.  Gosh.  I want to make all kinds of book pals!!

Isn't Honescrap's ruffle tree skirt pretty?  She made it out of a $3 fleece blanket!


Are you loving this pointsettia pillow like I am?  A lemon squeezy home made it a few weeks ago and I've been drooling over it ever since.

These are just too cute.  I love them.  The tutorial is over at Silly Precious Piggies.

And some crazy lady {me} made this hooded scarf out of a piece of flannel and an old plush bath robe. {Seriously guys, it's the warmest thing ever.  Best thing hands down (well the most useful!) ever made!

Game night in a bag.  Love it!  Great for everyone!! I think you could even put packages together for teachers for indoor recess!  Great idea from Today's Fabulous Finds!

Way cute right?  Where Beauty meets Function made this from Dollar Store materials.  Love it!

I'm not sure if it is the frame....the paper....the buttons .... or the tiles.  But I think this rocks.  Rocks more than Aerosmith.  (And I like Aerosmith)  Red Heads Craft More Fun made this.

I need some magazine holders!  A bowl full of lemons has these cute preppy polka dot ones...out of mailing boxes.  Perfect (because I totally tried the cereal boxes and they were too flimsy!)

I think that this sounds decadent.  Oatmeal milk and cookies bath mix.  The Simple Things is responsible for this fantastic mix!

Print this!
Little Page Turners has this super cute printable for your kid's lunch boxes.  Josh would love the snow knock knock joke!

Wish List
Family Fun has this Wish List for the New Year.  I think it's made for kids...but I would totally fill one out for myself...just maybe change the silly songs to make up!  A good alternative to the "lose weight, get healthy, get organized" resolutions.  Not that those aren't great resolutions but really...places to go sounds like so much more fun!

Gingers label 2
Cute Cute Cute! Crafty Carnival has these and others at her site!!

I really like how it says warmth and sweetness.  Totally good for home baked goodies!  You can print them over at Catch my party.


Giving a coffee cozy and Starbucks gift card to someone?  Better print this off!  It's from Boutique Cafe.  She also has a All is Calm All is Bright printable too.


How cool do these look?  Gourmet Mom  on the go made these easy peasy cookies!  Even I could make them!

Unlike these from Bakerella.  Nope.  Not a chance could I do that.  OR would I think of taking my ice cream cone cookie cutter (if I had one...) and flipping it around to turn it into Santa and an elf.  Nope.  She's genius. 

 Double Chocolate Cookies yummmm... These are from Making Memories With Your Kids

Are you loving this UP! Gingerbread house?  Wait....it get's better...
because it has a chocolate Carl too!!!! A-Maz-Ing.  {From Craftster.org}

Gingerbread Nativity
And here is another cute gingerbread set.  I had never seen a nativity scene done before.  The people look like they used a gingerbread man cookie cutter.  I'm just not this talented people...but I'm sure some of you are.  And I'm jealous.


  1. Thanks for featuring my Game Night In a Bag gift idea! Congratulations on winning a new blog design, how exciting!

  2. You're soooo sweet to share our Holiday Printables at Boutique Cafe! Thank you so much.
    Happy Holidays to you,

  3. Thanks so much for the feature! Congrats on winning a blog make over! I want a blog makeover!!!

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  5. Thank you Amanda for sharing my project!!! :)

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  6. Thanks for featuring the gingerbread paper dolls. I am so glad to have found todays top twenty.

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  8. Congratulations on winning a blog makeover! Wish I would win one of those, lol! I love that you post so many inspiring things...very cool!