Friday, December 17, 2010


Sorry this is a little late today.  I woke up feeling good ya know.  By 8:30 I had unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it, folded and started laundry, made 1 (of 12) batches of cupcakes.  And had 3 days worth of posts ready to go.  Or so I thought.  Power went out.  It was not saved. Lost 60 features..UGGGGG.  But have no fear...I re-did them!  Andy's family Christmas is tomorrow!  OMG.  HELP! :)


How cute is this?  Dressing Heidi Sage made this shirt...and I think my son would LOVE it!  So very Boden! :)
Sew Much Ado has a printable pattern for this apron.  Are you loving that model?  What about that fabric.  I think I squeeled when I saw it (and I may have clapped my hands)....All you mom's of boys know that when you find cute boy snatch it up!!!

Sew can do has a mitten tutorial.  I need to make a pair to go with Josh's hooded scarf!

Christina from 2 little hooligans made this super cute apron from thrift store toddler dresses.  I think it's super cute.

How cute is this?  I love the skirt....I love her big bow on her head...I love the bow on her shirt...but besides the fave detail is this
ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? This is too cute...{It's from the fabulous blog What Allie's Making Now}

Modern Country Style made this table piece (or wreath if you hang it) out of cinnamon sticks.  And she says when you light the candle in the middle it heats the sticks up so the whole house smells yummy.  I can't wait to try this!!

I think this is super sweet and all the colors -- it would have looked great in my house this year... but it will have to wait until next year...Bursts of Creativity did a great job showing each step in making this snow village.

Still need a quick, cheap gift?  Mom Endeavors has this recipe for Holiday Spice Bath Salts.  Just sounds like it smells super!

Looove this.  Who doesn't wear a bow at some point on Christmas.  This hair bow is so festive. Attempting Aloha is one of my new fave blogs -- she's just amazing!

This little guy from Crafts and such was just too cute not to post!

Print this
Ahh blogging delima.  Do I post about the lids...or the cupcakes?? How about both.  Kelly made red velvet cake with green frosting...and put it in a jar ... topped with a cute free printable lid! 

Whisker graphics has these tags.  I love the antlers and santa's belly!

Here are some more tags!  These are from Eat, Drink, Chic. 

Want those photo letters...for FREE?  Go visit Craftily Ever After!

Cap Creations made this card for you to make your own Inn Keepers Key.  I love this little but so meaningful gift!

Alright. 1 week left to go.  We need quick and easy .  We need yummy.  We need good to make in huge batches.  Here is one.  Peanut Brittle from Made by Me. Shared with You.

And another.  These Rolo pretzels are from the Gaines Gang

Madigan Made awesome Peanut Butter cup cookies!!

Just for luv made Super easy peppermint patties!

And last , but so not least, Hallelujahs by Holly made Butterfinger Wannabes.  5 easy fixes to bring to a holiday party!


  1. Hey Amanda,

    Thank you so much for featuring my cinnamon wreath/centrepiece 2-in-1!! Oooh, yes, you should definitely have a go!! Please will you let me know if you do? I'd love to see!


  2. Thanks for the feature!! We linked you up on our FB page. :-)

  3. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for featuring the bath salts! And for letting me know to check it out!! So many great ideas!!! Now to just find the time to try some of them! :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Oh wow! Thanks for the feature, Amanda. What an honor! Hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas : )

  5. OMG! Thank you for the feature! And ALL the nice words!! I am actually blushing! I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!

  6. thanks hun!! i LOVE this post! im drooling over that village...i want it! merry christmas:)

  7. Nice post and so helpful too for the coming holidays...

    I love them all.

  8. Amanda, you are such a rock star! Thanks for showing off my little sweater snowman! :) I love the new look BTW and am excited about all of your changes coming in the new year!

  9. The Innkeepers key made you list! Thank you so much!