Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's Features

Hey everyone!  In law's Christmas is this weekend...Christmas Christmas is next weekend...Ahhh!  Are you ready?  I'm so not ready.  Woke up to snow (well went to bed with it snowing...),  car has had no heat all weekend so that's being taken into the shop here in about an hour.  Was planning a giveaway this weekend and while I was trying to put a date on this fabulous vintage fabric I had, well it's hard!  It's Thomas Strahan.  A handprint.  Apparently he made wallpaper?  Anyone know if wallpaper in the 1920's-30's was fabric?  I'm going to call today. 

Anyways...hooray for 1 month's water -- keep clicking!

And the features..
Have any leftover Christmas scraps?  Make a pillow!  Debbie from Inspired Honey Bee has a tutorial on her blog!

Stacy from She's {kinda} Crafty made this super cute lampshade.  Uh kinda crafty?  Totally crafty. 

I love mug rugs.  Who wants a coaster when you can have a rug? {Plus how stinking cute is that snowman?}  Increasingly domestic has a great tutorial for you!

Living with Punks has a great quick and easy furry vest pattern.  I love it.  Dress it up dress it down kind of thing.  :) Gotta love versatile.

Totally Rad Crafts shows you how to make this hair towel. I have one I got for Christmas years ago and I love it!! Perfect for that tween/teen/woman your crafting for!!


Love this, don't you?  Little Miss Momma made this pom pom bib necklace.  Love the grey.  I'm a sucker for a good grey lately. 

Usually teachers are easy for me to craft for -- just grab something cute! But this year Josh has a 'man teacher' and he is awesome!  But a little harder.  Of course he's getting food.  And now this ornament.  From Full of Great Ideas.  So I love that Josh can make this himself! I'm going to make a little package and put Tee's the Season.  bwhahaha.  Husband totally rolled his eyes. :)

And speaking of teacher gifts.  1 Luckee Girl made this magnetic board.  How cool is that?

Saltwater Kids made this awesome fort kit to give as gifts (there is a super pretty bag she put all of the supplies in too).  $10 gifts.  I love em.  Plus, it's something the kids will use!  That's not a video game or movie!  2 HUGE pluses in my book.

Attempting Aloha made this personalized clock (she put in the last name and their wedding year) from a cheap $3.50 clock that was uhh well not nearly as pretty!  HURRY!!! The first 100 people to comment on it she will email the PDF clock file to you! 

Print this!

I think this would make a super cute little girl's shirt. :) It's from Spot Colors

Flamingo Toes has this Get your swag on in 6 colors. Her printables are just about famous now - get your candy on, cranberry on, and so forth.  I didn't know that they were inspired by the   great musical work  by Soulja Boy, “Turn My Swag On”.  I don't think you understand how hard I laughed.  I wonder if this rapper knows he inspired a craft that was hung in thousands of peoples homes. hahaha. {And I totally You Tubed the music video for this song...listening to it as I speak....and thinking of holiday printables...}

This printable from Serving Pink Lemonade is a little more true meaning of Christmas.  Love the different colors!

Eighteen 25 has come to the rescue with these uber cute tags.  There is the crafted with love (above), from the kitchen of, and sewn with love.  I will be printing these the masses!  And I love that they aren't totally Christmas-y so I can use them year round!

Anders Ruff has these super cute letters to Santa, wish list, and gift tags on their site.  Perfect for the early writers. 


How stinking good does that look?  Gingerbread pumpkin waffles.  How stinking good does that sound?  I know right.  The Farm Girl has the recipe (and a billion more ) on her site!

Hot chocolate cookies recipe and packaging idea courtesy of From Glitter To Gumdrops.  Mmmm.. I bet those are yummy!!!

I think if you made these you would win hostess of the year award.  Just saying.  Chicory Nits made these - I love the peppermint roof.
I saw this picture and I didn't even know what it was (come on people, I obviously knew it was a cookie).  All I knew was that it looked super good.  Then I read ... Oatmeal - Dolce de Leche Marshmallow Cookie Pie.   Seriously?  How freaking delicious.  All things Heart and Home has the recipe. 

King Arthur Flour has a how to process for freezing cinnamon rolls. I may make a bunch and freeze them -- goodbye Pillsbury! This would make an awesome neighbor gift as well! 


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Wow, I am honored to be chosen by you. Thanks so much! This is such a great blog with other really great ideas. Thanks so much for including me. Hapyy Holidays,

  2. Thanks for the feature on the Fur Vest, Amanda... I love everything you picked! Love that bib necklace by cute! Have a great week!

  3. Hey Amanda,
    Thank you for featuring the Mug Rug:) I love all the great projects you highlighted!

  4. Well, how fun is this?!! All these fun places to visit and free drinking water, too. I love that.

  5. Great List Amanda!!! So much inspiration. :)
    Thanks for featuring the tutorials - and glad you got a kick out of the song. hahaha.
    I'm following along now!

  6. Thanks so much for the feature! So many cute ideas to explore now!

  7. I love, love, LOVE your blog. You seem to have a knack of finding all the good ideas!!


  8. I am all over those cinnamon rolls! Thanks!!!! I was just about to search a christmas morning recipe!!!

  9. thanks for the feature. Those waffles are going to talk to me all day! Such a fun blog. Looking forward to helping with the water too!

  10. Amanda! Thanks for featuring the pillow. I love your blog and I'll make sure to visit often. You have amazing ideas and I'm excited to see what you have to share!

    Debbie @