Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's snowing here.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Snowing on the first day of Dec. may not be a good sign of things to come.  I'm more of a let it snow (lightly) on Christmas Eve day (time for roads to be cleared for the evening) and again Christmas morning.  That's it.  But I tell myself it's pretty. 

But that's why I can google pretty snow images. :)

Like this one:
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Sewing Projects

Fine Craft Guide has this free Anthro skirt tutorial up.  Because who doesn't want an Anthro knock off under the tree?

 I need a ruffled checkbook cover (to make shopping, uh, cute).  I just adore Christina over at 2 Little Hooligans.  And even better, this is a 20 minute beginner project.  Quick gifts!

Pickup Some Creativity has this fairy wand patterns.  Perfect stocking stuffers.  Darn boy.  :) He's lucky he's so stinking cute.  hehe!

I just think that the Anthro inspired lampshade at Stepping Thru Crazy is super cool.  And it makes such a big impact!  Change your colors for the holidays!  Red and Green, black and orange, red white and blue.  You get the idea...

Since my ironing board is out all the time I might as well make it pretty right?  Craftiness is NOT optional has the how to. 

Honeyscrap made this very cool coffee filter tree.  I love it.  It's on my next years list (I really Really REALLY want to do a vintage Christmas and a 12 days of Christmas decorating theme.  Can't you see it with music sheet 'garland'?)

Letters to Santa.  Love it.  It hangs.  Perfect.  Made from a Pringles can and totally free.  Awesome!! Sassy Sites!  Made this.  I knew I saved those Pringles cans for something. {that totally made me sound like I was a hoarder.  I'm not.  I swear.}

Genius I tell you. I am constantly telling Joshua "2 hands on the car" while I try to get something in/out or just find the keys.  {He has Autism and is often acting out stories jumping around so parking lots make me VERY nervous.  Sometimes it seems like he doesn't even notice the cars.  Talk about scary.}  So I think that this idea from nice girl notes is super.  And easy too. Kind of makes me say duh why didn't I think of that. 

I made one of these but I should have read A Pretty Cool Life's tutorial first.  About the hook and tape.  I had NO clue that this sucker was going to be that heavy.  I want to make another one so I will be sure to follow her tips. 

And just because this is what I've been up to...:) Life is a Party made these.  I want some of those red/green peppermints. 

I have been searching for old music books at Goodwill and thrift stores and keep coming up empty handed.  Then I found this from The Graphics Fairy.  The picture is a little hazy but when you go to the site to print it is really clear.  Totally my fault!

Between Sippycup Refills shares this Christmas printable.  I think I may print it on card stock for a few gift tags.  Just to remind people that the day is not meant to be celebrated for them to open that gift in their hands but rather to celebrate the Lord.

I saw these today (via One Pretty Thing) from Dude Craft.  How stinking cool???

I love these prints from Whisker Graphics.  LOOOOOOVE them. :)

These are from Skip to My Lou.  I don't need to introduce you I'm sure.  The site is MAGICALLY awesome.

Do you like monkey bread.  Bwhahahah. Look at it!! Mmmmm....This is making my egg whites and fruit cup that I have next to me seem well, healthy.  And THATS what I really want.  Southern FairyTale has the recipe.  I need to move away from the picture.  Now.

I know I know.  Your thinking to yourself, "Thank you Amanda for finding this great tutorial.  I'm going to look awesome at my family's Christmas get together."  Well your sooo welcome.  I thought I would share (since we don't have the same Christmas party to go to --- hey only 1 of us can look this good).  But you really REALLY REALLY need to head to I am Baker and thank her.  {Really she deserves a t-shirt.  I made a totally cool cake tutorial and made my readers look like the hostess with mostest at their holiday party.  I may make her one that says that.}
P.S. I'd totally be lying if I saw this and didn't think about cutting into it singing "hallelujah". :)

I think this is darling.  And simple.  Heck, I could do it! :) From One Charming Party.

All about cooking tutorials today.  As if These Peppermint Fudge cupcakes in a jar weren't good enough.   Our Best Bites shows you how to make the striped  frosting.

Want to know how to make your own cupcake (or any baking really) ingredients?  From brown sugar to vanilla extract Cupcakes Take the Cake has put up a how to list.  This would make a cute little gift for any baker in your life!


  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Amanda. What a great list of gift ideas!

  2. What a fantastic group of items you have here... so much to see and try and sample! ;)


  3. Such fun things! Thanks for including my cupcake jars too!

  4. AWW, thanks for the feature! Those cupcakes...yummo!

  5. Thanks for linking up my coffee filter tree:) Such great finds everywhere else too:) Monkey bread is a weekly request from my husband:) I learned that making a half a batch is much easier to pass up than when a ton of it is staring me in the face!

  6. Thanks for featuring my shade! So many things to check out- I'll be clicking for a while! :)